Tehmina Qureshi’s piece attracted my attention in Today’s Express Tribune. She has presented the views of some American journalist who had visited Karachi.  Terry Anzur, news anchor at KFI-AM 640 Los Angele said:


I’ll never forget the young faces of Karachi. A little girl sang and smiled for us during her first week of kindergarten at a non-profit school operating on the edge of a slum. Bright-eyed older students radiated enthusiasm for learning and illustrated why so many people find hope in Pakistan’s educated youth.  A less certain future may await the young boys from Tajikistan who carried my purchases at the Sunday Market; like kids anywhere, they joyfully jumped in front of my video camera. The students in the madrassa we visited were more restrained, but we saw the intensity in their faces as they recited from the Holy Quran. Young parliamentarians and college students debated the issues facing their country with energy and passion. I came away convinced that any investment in Pakistan’s youth will have a huge payoff.

Another Journalists associated with San Francisco Chronicle wrote:

Within hours of getting off the plane, I was introduced to the challenges and complications of modern-day Karachi. The strike called by MQM had all but brought the city to a screeching halt. Our meetings were cancelled, and opportunities to shop, eat, see the city — or to talk with citizens — became very limited. Fortunately, the pause was soon lifted and I saw a very vibrant, very international city come to life. It struck me as a city of vast potential and resilienc.