PMLN’s Karachi Secretary claims that his party will grab ive MPA seats and two MNA seats. He claimed this while talking the Express Tribune. He told  the paper that his party had increased his party activities in the metropolis. Asad Usman said:

In the next elections we will grab at least five MPA seats and two MNA seats. We are working seriously on our politics here.The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) won sympathy votes in the last elections. But we know that they have lost their game and it will be our party that gets the votes this time

News reports say that PMLN has opened two new offices in Keamari. The party has also succeeded in enlisting the support of former parliamentarian Haji Shafi Mohammad Jamot from Ibrahim Haidery.

I have been hearing reports from PMLN activists that they have started activities in many parts of the city. PMLN can give tought to MQM too in areas like Defence and Clifton. The seat held Mr. Askari Taqvi of Muttahida Qaumi Movement was captured by Saleem Zia in 1997.

Irfanullah Khan Marwat is another strong candidate. MQM’s Abdul Rauf Siddiqi had beat with a slender margin.