Via the News: Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Four alleged target killers, one belonging to the ANP and three to the MQM-Haqqiqi, confessed to have killed or injured MQM-Altaf’s men and a jailer, according to the JIT report.
In case of the MQM-H, the report said that one of the accused belonging to this group had confessed to have killed or injured MQM’s men on direct orders from the party chief, Afaq Khan, who was in jail for the last several years.
A MQM-Haqiqi spokesman and ANP Sindh chief Shahi Syed admitted that the accused named in the Sindh government’s report on 26 persons arrested in 2010 for target killing were their men, but strongly denied that they were target killers.
The MQM-H spokesman also categorically denied that Afaq Ahmad, the party chief, had ever asked any of his party men to resort to target killing. Shahi Syed, while categorically denying that the accused belonging to the ANP was a target killer, disclosed that the man has already been released.
Interestingly, the joint interrogation team that was constituted to probe the ANP’s man, had graded the accused in “Black” (dangerous) category and had recommended that he should be challanned and arrested in the cases disclosed by him along with his other accomplices.
Shahi Syed told The News that the accused, Mashwar Nawaz, had already been released on the court’s order, raising serious questions about the poor quality of police investigation and flawed prosecution. Shahi Syed admitted that Mashwar Nawaz was an ordinary gangster but strongly denied that he was a target killer. The ANP provincial chief added that he was wrongly involved in the killing of an MQM-Altaf activist.
According to the Sindh government’s report, the joint interrogation team comprising representatives of ISI, IB, CID Karachi, Special Branch, Pakistan Rangers, CID Sindh, CPLC and Karachi Police interrogated Mashwar Nawaz on 26-10-2010, established his association with the ANP (Airport Sector In-charge) and found that he was doing rice business and had joined the ANP only two years back.
The accused remained Joint Sector In-charge in Pehalwan Goth and was later made Airport Sector In-charge having an office in Falk Naz Tower.
About his previous criminal record, the report said: 1) He was arrested in case FIR No. 106/08 under section…….., and later on was released on compromise. 2) Case FIR No. 72/2010 u/s 13-E Arms Ord was registered against him at Shah Faisal Colony carrying weapons. 3) The accused disclosed that a quarrel took place with Mohsin, and Ashok alias Tota over wall chalking and he and his companions Tahir Khattak, Faisal, Asif and Yasir of ANP opened fire in which Mohsin received bullet injuries. 4) The accused disclosed he was apprehended during checking by police and Rangers at the Colony Gate while going to the Edhi Centre on his M/Cycle. Licensed pistol was recovered from him. 5) The accused disclosed that a quarrel took place over flag hoisting among the workers of ANP and Hazara Qaumi Movement, upon which the workers of ANP resorted to firing, resulting in bullet injuries to one worker of Hazara worker. 6) The accused disclosed to have committed theft along with his companion in an office situated in Falk Naz Tower, from where they stole office goods. 7) The accused disclosed to have killed a person with the help of companions Pervez Banghsh and Liaqat Banghsh and threw his dead body in a drain. 8) The accused disclosed he snatched a car at gunpoint with the help of his companions.
The report added that on July 23, 2010 a dead body was recovered from Chakor Nala, later identified as Rizwan, affiliated with MQM-Altaf, who was killed by the accused. On July 24, a case was registered against Mashwar Khan, along with Pervez Bangash, Liaqat Bangash and Noor Sher while Mashwar Khan was arrested in this case on October 20, 2010.
Shahi Syed said that the murder case in which Mashwar Khan was implicated was baseless and was lodged by the MQM after Muttahida’s men were found involved in some criminal activities against the ANP men.
Three men belonging to the MQM-H, identified as Maqbool Ahmed, Azhar Ali and Abdul Aziz, were identified by the Joint Interrogation Team as the accused arrested in 2010 in target killing cases.
Regarding Maqbool Ahmad, the JIT report revealed that he had joined the MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) in 1985/86 in Malir Sector Unit No 198 but later joined the MQM-H (Afaq Group).
About Maqbool’s criminal history, the report said: i) He disclosed that he along with Ahmed Kamal, s/o Nisar, Shamshad Ghauri, s/o Ahmed Ghauri, and Nadeem Nabi, alias Kalo, s/o Nabi Khan, on the instigation of Afaq Ahmed, chairman MQM-H, attempted to kill Zaffar Uroj, s/o Muhammad Yaseen, a worker of MQM-A, ii) He disclosed that he along with Akhtar Hussain, alias Bhora, and Nadeem Kalo, on the instigation of Afaq Ahmed, chairman MQM-H, attempted to kill Babar Alam, s/o Ahmed Ali, a worker of MQM-A, iii) He disclosed that he along with Ejaz Babo, s/o M Irshad, Naveed Shah, s/o Matloob Shah, and Dilawar Khan, s/o Toor Khan, on the instigation of Afaq Ahmed, chairman MQM-H murdered Abdul Aziz, s/o Abdul Hameed, a worker of MQM-A. Regarding the motive behind such killing or injuring the people, he disclosed that the active workers of MQM-A were killed/injured by him and his accomplices for working against MQM-H’s interest.
The other two MQM-H accused — Azhar Ali and Abdul Aziz — are charged with murdering a jailer. The report said that both these accused disclosed that on June 12, 2010 they went to the Central Jail to see their friend, accused Mehmood, alias Guddo, who was in jail. Accused Mehmood, alias Guddo, told them that jailer Ishaq Meo was harassing him (Guddo), who advised them to murder the jailer and further said that one Noor would help them. They disclosed that Ejaz Babo also instigated them to murder the jailer.
“On 14-06-2010 at 1930 hours, he along with accused Abdul Aziz and Noor gathered in front of the main gate of Central Jail. In the meantime, car No Z-8986 (Margala, white) came out of the jail and accused Noor signalled them that jailer Ishaq was sitting in it. Hence on the directions/instigation of accused Ejaz Babo and Mehmood Guddo, they started firing upon jailer Ishaq Meo, who received bullet injuries and later died,” the report said. The JIT rated all these three MQM-H men in “Black” category.
A day after the MQM-H’s vice chairman and two other leaders were assassinated in Karachi outside the Central Jail, it was hard to find a party leader to comment on the JIT’s report. A spokesman of the MQM-H, on condition of not being named, however, admitted that the three men named in the report belonged to MQM-H but strongly denied that they were target killers or had been involved in target killing.
The spokesman said that MQM-H has been facing persecution of all sorts during the last 10 years. He said that involving the party chairman Afaq Ahmad in the killings is a conspiracy of the government agencies and the MQM. Afaq, the spokesman said, is a loyal citizen, who though encouraged his party men for self-defence, but never asked anyone to kill any human being.