We are the heirs of sacred blood of martyrs of Hazara Town and MQM has no right to say a single word on our behalf.

Altaf and his MQM must clarify their position on the targeted murders of innocent Shia Muslims in MQM-dominated areas of Karachi instead of shedding crocodile tears on the Shias of Quetta.

The statement of Shia leaders belonging to Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen has shocked and aggrieved me.

These leaders should know that it is because of MQM that shia and Sunnis are living peacefully in Karachi.  You will find countless Shia people in top positions in MQM. MQM’s Sunni leaders did discriminate  on the basis of their sect. I think should not play stupid kind of politics. It will start a sectarian war in Karachi.