Watch Hai Koi Jawab (Karachi UnRest Solution) on CNBC Pakistan.

Nadia started his program with a statement about Karachi’s bad situation. She lamented over the political apathy of Sindhi government. She said that what should we call them. Whenever a question is put to a representative of a Sindh government they simply say someone has hatched a conspiracy to destabilize Karachi. The question is: Why cannot they arrest the people responsible crimes in Karachi?

She also mentioned about the frustration of Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Hounorable judges lamented that administration is not following their recommendation and implementing their verdict. The Court said that they would issue a strong warning to officials

Nadia said that she would not ask question who are behind unrest in Karachi. She said that that would put a question to her guests what is the solution to Karachi’s problem.

She also put a question to her guests that whether election is possible in Karachi because of violence and unrest.

How can we make Karachi peaceful when we are told that 400 policemen are involved in criminal activities?

People Party’s Shehla Raza is not satisfied with the SC agreement and tried to explain who these police these police officers are. I don’t believe in what she said. We all know the criminal activities of Sindh Police.

Nadia also mentioned about surge in violence. She said that more than 23,00 people have died.

MQM’s Tahir Mashhadi harped the same old thing. He wasted time by telling us about Talibination in the city.

PPP’s leaders are bloody liars and try mislead people. More than 4 years have passed and they have failed to bring peace in Karachi.

I enjoyed Nihal Hashmi rhetoric. He said that the present government is incompetent and a gang of corrupt people. However, he was right in saying that PPP did not face any opposition in Sindh. He said that PPP and allies wasted their time in making money.

He mentioned SC’s remark on land grabbing and selling of job posts.

PPP’s Shehla and PMLN’s Nihal wasted a lot of time time recrimination.

Naz Baloch of PTI told us emotionally about the SC verdicts and observations.

I can only say that Karachi’s crisis will not end because leaders are blaming Taliban for their corruption and mismanagement.