DAWN Target Point:(08 Febuary 2013) Karachi Law and Order Situation Today

Iftikhar Shirazi started his program with a emotional statement that how people are being murdered in the city of light called Karachi.

‘Kia Bher Bakrian ko bhi is tarah Mara jaata hai, Ji tarah Karachi mein Insano ka katlee aam ho ra ha hai,’ he lamented.

He told us that for the last three decades killings are going on in Karachi.

JUI is Qaree Uskam lamented that this peaceful city where people used to live happily has turned into a violence-plagued city. I must remind him that Karachi was never peaceful. He said that criminals have taken over this city.

Like other politicians, he shifted the blame on the government. He said that if had known who are killers, he would taken the message of peace to them. I am amazed at his simplicity and ignorance.

He diverted the attention of Shiraz over the killings of three scholars in the city and said that they way they executed the three scholars calmly indicates they are high trained persons. The killer was so confident that he did not bother to look at his victims.

Shiraz put a question to Mashadi. He said that SC said that gangs affiliated with political parties were doing the killings. His question irked Senator Mashhadi and he said that SC also mentioned about Talibanization of the city. The way political parties are denying their involvement shocks me. They can do this on TV channels. How can they satisfy the people who know who are behind all the criminal activities in Karachi, but fear to name them because of reprisal.

Senator Mashhadi tried to put the blame on banned organization for Karachi’s problems. I do not agree with him. Yes, there are responsible too. However, it is the criminals of political parties who are most involved in extortion and killings in the city.

He told us that Rehman Malik our interior minister thinks so. Do anyone believe on what Mr. Rehman says. People take his statements with a pinch of a salt.

Mashhadi gave a misleading statement. He said that criminal gangs are responsible. He tried to say that poverty is one of the causes of this criminal activities in the city. However, he clarified that criminals should be called criminals whether they are in MQM or other parties.