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I am a MQM voter. I am in a fix. What should I do?


MQM has said that it would not enter into an electoral alliance with any party. However, Mr. Farooq has explained that it can make seat adjustments with them.

MQM’s Farooq also has said that his party would not give tickets to tax cheats and loan defaulters.

I appreciate MQM’s decisions. The party enjoys great support in Karachi and Hyderabad.  The big question before MQM voters is that what the party has done in all these years for them. They have been giving mandate to MQM for years. It appears that it has failed to fulfill its election promises. Karachi appears to be in a mess. Killings and extortion have driven investors away. It means new jobs have not been created for the new graduates. The basic services offered by KMC is in mess too.

In this situation how would MQM’s voters look to them with admiration. I am a MQM voter. I am in a fix. What should I do?

I will vote for one who could stop violence in the city and revive business activities.

Carrying changes in many constituencies in Karachi was a conspiracy to divide the vote of MQM: Altaf Hussain


Altaf Hussain terms Election Commission’s decision to change constituencies in Karachi a conspiracy  to divide MQM voters.

I agree with him. Anyone can see that it has an attempt to snatch seats form MQM. Though they are trying to show they are doing this implement Supreme Court’s order.

He angrily said this was a robbery on the mandate of MQM.

“The political vultures want to encroach the resources of Karachi.” Sabzwari said.

This kind of actions will only divide the gulf between the communities. Karachi’s people are already facing ordeal because of lawlessness in the city. This news will increase their resentment.

Public meeting in Mirpurkhas tomorrow will be historic: Altaf Hussain


People belonging to all nationalities will prove that they are with the MQM despite all conspiracies and propaganda

Mirpurkhas: 17th March 2013

The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the public meeting being held in Mirpurkhas tomorrow would be historic and people belonging to all nationalities would prove that they were with the MQM despite all the conspiracies and propagandas against it. He said this while talking to the workers of the MQM in Gama Stadium in Mirpurkhas, who were busy in preparations for the public meeting on 18th March on the occasion of the Foundation Day of the MQM.

When Mr Hussain told the workers that the PPP leader Nabeel Gabol and his companions had joined the MQM, they hailed it cheerfully. Mr Hussain urged workers of other political parties to join the MQM like Nabeel as the future belonged to the MQM. He congratulated the people of Sindh on the decision of Mr Gabol to join the MQM.

Mr Hussain said that the problems of the 98 percent of the people of Pakistan were similar irrespective of their nationality, language, religion, or sect. He said that the elite ruling class in Pakistan was against him because he and the MQM had been making struggle for equal rights for all ethnic entities.

Mr Hussain said that he was forced to live in exile because of his struggle for the common people of Pakistan. He appealed to the people belonging to poor and middle classes to support the MQM.

Office-bearers and workers of the MQM assured Mr Hussain that the public meeting in the Gama Stadium Mirpurkhas would be historic.

Altaf Hussain appeals Dr Tahirul Qadri to ask his followers to vote for MQM candidates in the coming general elections


London: 17th March 2013

The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has appealed to Dr Tahirul Qadri to ask his followers across living across Pakistan to vote for the MQM candidates in the coming general elections. Mr Hussain made this appeal while talking to the MQM workers in Mirpurkhas after Dr Qadri announced that Pakistani Awami Tehreek would not take part in the general elections.

Norwegian diplomats visit Nine Zero



Karachi: 17th March 2013

A delegation of Norwegian diplomats visited Nine Zero today and met deputy conveners of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar and Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. The delegation comprised First Secretary (Political) Ms Jannicke Graatrud and Counselor (Political) Ms Vigdis Kjleseth.

Current political situation in Pakistan came under discussion during the meeting with particular reference to Sindh. Terrorism in major cities of Pakistan and the activities of the banned outfits were also discussed in the meeting.

Member of the Co-ordination Committee Kunwar Khalid Yunus and former MPA Mr Faisal Sabzwari was also present in the meeting.

Nabi Gobol surprises people. Mohajirs disappointed


Nabi Gabol has joined MQM. This new new development has surprise political leaders and people.  The big question is: What persuaded him to join MQM?

How did MQM accept him as his members?

He has showered a lot of praises on Mr. Hussain and the way he handles his party.  He said:

Nine-Zero always felt like my second home… Now I’m saying goodbye to the PPP to join the MQM.

Since a year, I had been thinking of quitting the PPP and joining a new party, but I could not decide which party to join. All parties invited me but [MQM chief] Altaf Hussain would always personally call me whenever I had a problem.

He has joined MQM. It is a good sign. I don’t go into details that he had hurled accuses at MQM in his statements. The question remains that doe he still commands influence in the area. If it does, then we will be able to bring peace in Karachi’s old city areas.

This area has become a lawless territory. Businesses have started moving from the area to safe places because of violence, murders and kidnappings.

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Indus Motor Company starts assembling Toyota ‘Fortuner’


It is a good news for car lovers that Indus Motors have started assembling Toyota ‘Fortuner’.

The company has taken this decision to make this 2,700cc petrol engine because of the growing import of second hand cars in Pakistan.

Pakistan assembled Toyota ‘Fortuner’  will cost 37% less than imported one. The question remains whether IMV will be able to offer a good quality car or not.

IMC officials think their price (5.175 m) is very attractive. It will pull customers who like this kind of cars.

Top military commanders have proposed a stupid plan for Karachi


Top military commanders have proposed a stupid plan for Karachi. They have asked political outfits to agree on a plan to carry out a de-weaponisation of the city.

We know this plan will not work. They have tried similar plans in the past.  Their actions only deprived law abiding citizens of their legal weapons.

The officials adopt a bias approach to carry out their plans.  Under the garb of this de-weaponisation, only Muhajir dominated areas are targeted.

In the 90s, armed licenses issued on the quotas of urdu speaking law makers were cancelled. While arms licenses issued by Irfan Ullah Marwat were not touched.

Can this big Khaki walas provide protection to citizens if they deposit their arms?

The Sana Safinaz TVC is making waves



Spring has arrived in Pakistan. The weather has become warm. It has forced people to search for new clothing range for the spring and summer.

We all witness advertisement for laws when the weather gets warm. Now an impressive and eye catching advertisement of  Sana Safinaz lawn has been air on TV channels. This ad is so good that people have started to talk about it.

The News has reported that this advertisement was shot in Thailand.  The music of the ad was done by Shahi Hasan. They have used ravishing Neha for the ads. She is looking gorgeous in the colorful dress.

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