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Afaq demands action to save Karachi


Afaq Ahmed has strongly reacted to the statement of Mr. Rehman. The Interior Minister has revealed about a wave of terrorism in Krachi. He said that Mr. Malik should share information with security agencies in order to take measures to thwart their plan.

The statement given by Rehman Malik cannot be ignored as a mere political or traditional statement. This statement warrants its being taken seriously.

We feel that the national security organisations responsible for the security of the country should call in Rehman Malik and get from him information on the basis of which he fears the fall of Karachi

I agree wtih him. We many not like this style, but we must pay attention to his statements.I agree with him Malik’s statement has frightened people. It appears that some people are trying to disturb Karachi in order to incite people to revolt against the government.


The coalition accepted Dr. Qadri’s constitutional demands: Dr. Farooq Sattar


ARY 11th Hour: Exclusive Interview with #MQM Leader Dr Farooq Sattar

More than 2000 people have died last year in violence in Karachi, says Waseem Badami.  The new year has witnessed the same horror.

Dr. Farooq concedes that Mr. Qadri’s demand were unconstitutional demands, but he succeeded in inking an agreement with the ruling government. The ruling coalition accept all this demands which were legal.  He praised Dr. Qadri’s peaceful march.

Dr. Farooq Sattar said his party played an important role in this agreement. He added that MQM tried its best of offer Dr. Qadri all the concession according to the laws.

He said that most the demands of Dr. Qadri about elections reforms were accepted.

He explained briefly in his interview with Badamai how they got involved in negotiation.  He said that MQM played an important role in averting a disaster. He informed us that Interior Minister has made up his mind to use force to disperse the crowd.

Banned outfits killings MQM leader and Government should take action against them: Rabitta Committee


Terrorists of Banned Outfits are killings… by allaboutmqm2

MQM’s Rabitta Committee has said in a press conference that their leaders are killed by banned outfits. They urged the government to take actions against these outfits. Otherwise, sectarian hatred will burn every house.

MQM has been making this kind of appeal for a long time and their coalition partners did not bother to pay attention to their pleas.

The question is: What course should MQM take now?

People of Karachi are angry over the violence and killings in the city and expects their leaders should come up with a solution.

Fatima will ask why his father was killed. An organized pogrom of Mohajirs is going on since 1990s


Amir_IqbalThirty year-old Amir was killed along with his friend near Do Minute Chowrangi in Sector 5/E of New Karachi. He is playing with daughter Fatima, who was born 25 days ago.

Criminals have been killing Mohajirs youths because they have raised a voice against discrimination and injustices perpetrated by federal and provincial government dominated by two big ethnic groups. Thousands of young men have been killed this way.

The government should pay attention to the problems faced by Mohajirs living in Karachim Hyderabad and other parts of Sindh lest these young men start a armed struggle against the state.

Taliban pushes ANP closer to MQM


Bashir_ANPThe presence of ANP’s leader in the funeral of Manzar Imam astonished everyone present there. News papers and commenters say that Taliban’s brutality has compelled them to come closer because they are target ANP and MQM’s leaders.

ANP’s Sindh chapter General Secretary Bashir Jan expressed his view this way.

We [the ANP and the MQM] are political rivals, but we stand united against extremism and terrorism.

The terrorists are targeting the leaders of both the MQM and the ANP. Our political differences aside, we are with the MQM on this tragic day. We have to realise that we have a common enemy that we need to combat together.

There presence gives me a little hope. They can help bring the violence down in Karachi. News reports indicate that Taliban has completely taken over ANP dominated areas of Karachi.

Another young leader snatched from us.


Today when I heard the news about the murder of MPA Syed Manzar Imam. The news made me agrieved and angry. For decades we have been passing through an ordeal. Neither Sindhis nor Punjabis are willing to give us rights and share in resources. They want us to lick their boots.

Thousands of educated young men have been slain because they demanded rights.

Mr . Hussain advises his coalition partner not to use force against the participants of long march


Mr. Altaf Hussain has asked his coalition partner to handle things with care. He said that government should not use force to disperse the crowd in Islamabad. It should try to resolve crisis through meaningful dialogue.

I agree with him. PPP’s leaders should not use threats and force to achieve their goal. It can backfire and lead to anti government protests across Pakistan.

MQM leaders at the sit-in


The Quetta massacre compelled parties to show sympathy with the Hazara people. I hope that support them till their demands are met and outfits responsible for Hazara killings eliminated.

A new war will push our country to destruction


The situation on our borders appears to be tensed because of skirmishes. People on social media are talking about a new war. The present coalition government is silent and have expressed any statement on the border situation and try to diffuse tension. A new war will push our country towards destruction.

I hope skirmishes do not turn into a war.

Shumaila Imran Farooq’s statement should dispel reports of rift.


London MQM and Friends of Lyari Face to Face by Malik_Jee

The presence of Shumaila Imran Farooq atthe secretariat of MQM should display the impression that there is a rift between MQM leaders and Imran Farooq’s family.

Pakistani papers affiliated affiliated with right-wing parties have been publishing fabricated stories on Imran Farooq’s murder to malign MQM.

Now these parties should read the statement Farooq’s widow. She said that Mr. Altaf Hussain has been kind to slain leader. She said these words while talking to the News’s reporter outside MQM’s office.

She also said that she supported Mr. Hussain’s call against feudal. Her Presence indicates she might receive some responsibility.

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