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Karachi protests over the murder of Shahzeb Khan


Karachi-comes-outKarachi’s people have come out on the streets to protest over the murder of Shazeb Khan. This handsome young man was gunned down because he tried to protect his sister from teaser. It is good to see that that people have plucked up their courage and come out to support the bereaved family. Their protests can prod Sindh Government to take action against the killers.

Leaders belonging to PTI and MQM also joined protestors at the Karachi Press Club.  I appreciate that these parties have come out in support for the violence in the city,  I hope they would keep pressure on the government so killers could be apprehended.

Dr. Alvi of PTI assured Shahzeb’s father that his party would launch a campaign to ensure that the young man’s murderers were brought to justice.

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ECP dismisses MQM's reservations


ECP has decided to carry out the delimitation order by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It is strange that Election Commission has accepted the views of the parties, which do not represent Karachi. PPP, PML-N, MQM, JI, PkMAP, Sunni Tehreek and PTI only want to snatch seats from MQM by hook or by crook. One can easily see their heinous plans by reading proposals submitted by these parties.

MQM represents Karachi. Whether one likes it or not.  Mr. Hussain still commands great influence and respect. Their malafide action will only increase MQM’s support.

Supporters of SC order say that delimitation process will end friction between the ethnic  communities.  I think they are sadly mistaken. It will only increase friction and led to riots and killings. Poor Pakhtoons and Punjabis will be the losers.  They come to Karachi for jobs and business. Their future and prosperity depend on Mohajir Community. Do they realize what will happen if Mohajirs stop interacting with them.  They will loose business and jobs.

Sindh’s Health Ministry announces compensation


Sindh’s Minister has announced compensation for the heirs of slain polio workers.  I welcome this announcement. However, I would like to say that they have not handled the situation gracefully. The Health Department officials neither visited the homes of the health workers nor did they provide and any assistance to heirs.

I was shocked to know through CNBS’s ‘Awam Ki Awaz’ program. Pukhtoon neighbors of the poor worker from Ittehad town donated money for sending the worker’s body to Ludhran. 

Conduct a new census in a month: MQM demands


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has demanded that a new census be conducted within a month, and that work on delimitations should begin subsequently, DawnNews reported.

MQM MNA S.A. Iqbal Qadri presented the resolution on the behalf of his party at the Wednesday session of National Assembly, which was chaired by the Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi.

Their move has startled many people.  I think it is a preposterous move. I had not expected it from MQM. There is no doubt census is due. However, the timing of their demand raises many questions.  The present is government is about to finish is terms. How can census be conducted when new elections are near.

Karachi Killings: Six killed today and transporters’ houses attacked


Killing is going on in Karachi. Six people have been killed today. Reports say that criminals attacked the houses of two transporters in Manghopir areas with grenades when they refused to pay them extortion money.

The poor of people of this city daily receive bad news. The government does not look in a mood to do something.

Anyone can see that it is not an MQM dominated area. It means criminal gangs are operating in different parts of the city.

Police officials cannot shirt their duties by terming them sectarian or political killings. It is their duty to catch criminals who are taken the city hostage.

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MQM’s mandate is fake: PTI asserts


PTI Sindh’s leaders have commented that MQM’s mandate is fake.  When I read their statement in Today’s Nation, I was not surprised.

Mr. Sardar Nadir Khan Leghari has made a provocative statement.  Mohajirs have been giving votes to MQM since 1988 and they will vote MQM in the next elections too.

We have seen in the past that despite operations and smearing campaigns MQM received a large number of votes.

The statements and attitude of Pakistan’s ethnic groups have indicate their shameful bias.  No talks about the Pakhtoon card holders of Afghan origin whose presence in the areas have expanded population.  No one talks about people who have grabbed lands and build their houses.

PPP always protected the rights of Sindh. SPLG law not harmful for Sindh


Sindh Chief Minister Mr. Qaim Ali Shah said that PPP always protected the rights of Sindh. He lambasted nationalists parties for misleading the people of the SPLG law. He said:

.. the PPP always protected the rights of Sindh and never compromised on that issue. He regretted that nationalists and other political parties were misleading the people over the SPLG law with wrong logic and were hiding the facts.

..the SPLG law was not meant for division of Sindh and was not harmful for the people of Sindh.

I agree with Chief Minister. Nationalists and opposition parties are purposely misleading people.

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