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Murders of MQM-H leaders can start a new wave of violence


Three senior members of Muhajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi in Karachi. This is a very bad for Karachi’s residents. No one knows who carried out this heinous act, but the blame will be put on MQM.  These killings could start a new wave of violence in the city as party chairman Mr. Afaq has vowed to take vengeance. I have not forgotton how we suffered because of the violence between rival political groups.

Karachi has become a hell. Political parties should give space to one another. Let the people decide who they choose as their leaders.

Commentary: SC wants army to verify voter lists in Karachi


Supreme Court of Pakistan has made suggestion that Election Commission of Pakistan use army for the verification of voters in Karachi. I failed to understand the logic behind the recommendation. The honorable court think this process will enable provincial government to identify criminals during the verification.

I would like to tell my blog readers a large of 2.7 voters are basically Afghan refugees who have acquired CNICs through illegal process. NADRA never cancelled their cards. They are still in the NADRA database. This is can be easily verified from the NADRA Vigilance’s records.

NADRA Vigilance department has confiscated, but no attempt was bad to cancel these cards. That’s why these people still carry those cards.

ANP supports nationalist parties’s strike


Awami National Party supports the stance of nationalists parties. The party announced their strike call.

These people are doing this to grab voters. If we look at the SPLGA 2012, you will see that is a watered down version of old law with minor changes.

ANP is supporting nationalists to pressure PPP in order to get some advantage. Nationalists and Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) thinks they will be able to grab seats after Benazir’s death.

The party has a right to attract voters, but they should not adopt deceptive ways too do that.

Commentary: MQM expresses solidarity with Palestinians


Muttahida Quami Movement has staged a protest outside UK Parliament over Israeli aggression. I appreciate MQM support for Palestanian people. Many prominent leaders were seen in the demonstration, including Mr Muhammad Ashfaque, Mr Saleem Shahzad and UK Dr Saleem Danish.

Demonstrators lamented the silence of Security Council, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Pakistani government and requested world powere to pay attention to the plight of Palestinian people.

News papers report this is the first demonstration in UK by any Pakistani organizations for the oppressed people of Palestine.

KSWB's MD is trying to increase water Tariff


Cutting losses: KWSB may ban connections for new apartment complexes – The Express Tribune

Burdened with its inability to make residents pay their water bills on one end and the government’s refusal to raise the water tariff on the other, the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) is now thinking about placing a ban on providing new connections to apartment buildings in the city.

The water utility’s managing director, Misbahuddin Farid, also endorsed the news on Thursday. KWSB runs a monthly deficit as high as Rs700 million, as it struggles to get consumers pay their bills. The government’s refusal to increase the water tariff has also not helped the utility.

KWSB wants to increase water tariff. I think his demand his unjustified. He should try to recover dues from the areas, which are not paying bills. Residents who are paying bills are not getting water. If you conduct a survey in North Karachi, F.B Areas, you will see residents are facing problems in getting water supply despite the fact they are paying their bills on time. People of these areas buying water tankers at high prices.

The water utility’s managing director should form a police to recovery bills from defaulters instead of raising water tariff.

It is the duty of every citizen to protect the sanctity of Muharram: Altaf Hussain


MQM’s chief has made an appeal to people to respect the sanctity of Muharram. He has implored clerics of different sects preach and tolerance. He said that never discriminated with people because of their faith and ethnicity.

Unfortunately, we have become an intolerant society. Scholars have succeed in dividing people along sectarian lines. Neither government nor society took any notice when they are preaching hate.

Sectarian violence has subsided in Karachi after the emergence of MQM Karachi. MQM’s played a very important role in this. However, the successive government patronize religious parties to hurt MQM’s political influence. They turned a blind eye to Sunni and Shia groups and allowed them to exploit the feelings of people.

No security arrangements have been made despite my orders: Qaim Ali Shah


“No security arrangements have been made despite my orders”, Shah angrily told police officers in a meeting held on Wednesday.

He had visited the areas such Sohrab Goth, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Saddar and MA Jinnah Road and found that there was no visible security presence in these areas. He promised that he would maek surprise visits at police stations.

He expressed disappointed over the performance of Karachi police and told them angrily.

”This is enough now. The government has given full powers to police and Rangers and I want to see tangible results because I am tired of presiding over meetings on deteriorating security situation in Karachi,” said Shah. “This is high time now for strict action against negligent police officials”,he said.

I think it is a political stunt to mislead the people. He has been running the province for more than four years and did bother to come out of his house see what is happening in Karachi.  If the police officers are not listen his, he should fire those people and replace them with honest officers who are willing to fight criminals.

Beautiful garden water fountains


Everyone loves to maintain a garden. They use plants and garden water fountains to embelish their garden.I would like to share pictures of these beautiful fountains. Take a look at this Costa Brava Outdoor Water Fountain. Spanish influence in the designed has attracted me. The maker has used resin to make the fountain. It has been designed in such a way that one can assmeble it easily. It is available in Plum and Zinc Finish.

Travel Camps for teens


Children eagerly wait for Summer. Most of them start planning for their holidays. Sometimes parents cannot go on holidays on because of their works and other preoccupations.In this situation travel camps are best way to travel camps.

There are reputable travel camps organizers in the US that offer  tours for children aged between 12-18 year. They take children to exciting lists the names of the companies that offers travel tours.

Karachi traders strike deal with extortionists


Karachi traders strike deal with extortionists –

Traders in the metropolis have struck a deal with extortionists to pay them a monthly fee.

According to media reports, traders have agreed to pay Rs500-Rs 1,000 monthly to extortionists. The decision comes after several traders expressed their disappointment with the police for failing to control the situation.

I became sad, when I read this news. This deal clearly indicates that Sindh Government has badly failed. The city’s prominent businessmen have made repeated pleas to the government to pay attention to the ever-worsening law and order in this violence-hit metropolis.

Sindh and Federal Government made promises to fight criminals, but they did not do anything. Chief Patron Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) S M Muneer made a desperate request to army’ interference in Karachi. He said:

Come to the rescue of Karachi’s economy and Pakistan’s economic sovereignty by sending troops to Karachi.

We are not against democracy but if the local administration and law enforcing agencies responsible for controlling the law and order fail, then who will come to restore peace except the army.



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