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A patient monitor is linked with the devices, which monitor a person’s vital signs. Different types of monitors are used in different areas of the medical departments. We all see  monitors in intensive care sections of a hospitals. sells these kind of monitors. This company has cardiac science monitors and ADC monitors. ComfortCuff is one the models it sells. It is an affordable monitor and check vital signs continously.

MQM demands tough action people who are patronizing criminals


Mr. Hussain, MQM’s Chief’ has made an appeal to the business community of Karachi to identify people responsibly for who are threatening them for money.

He also appealed to the country’s powerful established to officials who are supporting these criminals.

The problem is that when people belong to government in power supports people hesitate to initiate case against criminals because they do not receive any support from law enforcement. Those who dared to do so where gunned down by these criminals. Police failed to provide protection to them.

The way criminals are distributing SITE Industry areas and to business owners indicate political support. They openly come and demand money.

Lawlessness in Karachi has forced business owners to leave country.

Why Sindhis are against Sindh local government law?


Sindhis are raising hue and cry over the Sindh local government law passed by the Sindh Assembly. I failed to understand why they are against it. Everyone is making noises that it will divide Sindh and create bad feeling between the two dominant ethnic groups in Sindh.

What is disturbing no one is giving us any clue why are they against it?  Today, I read a lengthy article written by Mr. Sohail Sangi in the Daily ‘Dawn’. He beat about the bust that it will polarize Sindh. He gave could give a flimsy  excuse in his article. He said:

They (nationalists) have apprehensions that mayors of the two cities have will be given same powers as enjoyed by a chief minister.

The question is: Does the Bill passed by the Assembly say anything like this?

We all know the influence of nationalists in Sindh and other small parties?

PPP represents Sindh’s people not nationalists. They have entered into agreement with the representatives of Urban leaders. They must have naturally safeguarded the interests of their voters.

Karachi is regarded as the economic hub of the country and generates revenues,which are used by Sindhis living in rural areas and other parts of the Pakistan. So Nationalists should not make fuss if MQM has demanded big share. They deserve.

adderall side effects


Every drug causes side effects. People should use them with care. I am using medicine  for TB, it also causes side effects too. In the same way, adderal causes side effects too.

It is a drug used for the treatment of narcolepsy and ADHD. Doctors, who prescribe this drug, should tell their patients about possible side effects of the drug. They must inform them what precaustions they must take in case of an emergency. I recommend this blog post to my blog readers to get information on adderall side effects.

We are not paying attention to the miserable people affected by flood


Food has killed 455 people and destroyed crops. Leaders have failed to notice that because because they are busy in their election campaign and wasting in their energy on other issue.

People of Sindh has been badly affected by flood, but they are living in misery because of the attititude of officials and leaders. I urge NGOs to help.

Book review: Escape from Oblivion


The tragedy of 1971 has affected a lot of people. I am one of them. I recommend Ikram Sehgal new book for my blog readers. He has writing things in a simple way about his escape from Indian prison camp. There is no military and political propaganda inserted between the lines like other writers.

He tells us about how he escapes from Panagarh prison camp. He also narrates the the intense debriefing sessions he was subjected RAW.

packing materials


Different of packing materials are used for the protection of material. Foam is ome of them. has different types of packaging foram. The company has charcoal foam, anti-static foam, poly foam and anti-static pic and pluck foam.

For example Anti-Static Foam are used for transporting electronic parts., a BBB acredited company, sells all these types of foams.

JI will pay for orphans till Matric


JI has offered a good things to the family of the people affected by Baldia Fire. Its Amir has distributed Rs5 million among affected families and offered children a stipend of Rs. 2500/- till they matriculate.

It appears that JI has realized its mistakes and trying to win back people of Karachi.

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