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Karachi is burning


More than 25 people have died in a week. When friends saw these images on their screen, they call me and ask about the well-being of my family.

This city has gone to mad gods. Security forces have failed to catch because of corruption. They take money from them and allow them to commit crimes..

Factory owners do not take any security and safety measures


At least 73 dead in Karachi factory blaze: fire officer | DAWN.COM

Officials said the cause of the Karachi fire was not yet known but Rauf Siddiqi, the industry minister for Sindh province, said the factory owner was under investigation for negligence.

“We have ordered an inquiry into how the fire erupted and why proper emergency exits were not provided at the factory so that the workers could escape,” Siddiqi said.

Mr. Rauf has given preposterous statement. Official are reponsibile for overseeing that business owners maintain a secure facility for their workers, often connive at their negligence by taking heft bribes. If you visit any Industrial zone in Karachi, you will see factories are not built in a propery way. Workers are forced to work in inhume and dangerous enviroment.

Christmas shopping season starts


Christmas is an important event of Christians. Christians across the globe celebrate the birth of the Jesus with religious ferver. They arrange special parties at their homes. They decorate their homes with Christmas trees and lighting. They buy gifts for their loved ones and friends.

The Internet has enabled people to do Christmas shopping from their homes. Online retailer like carry music CDs, lights and ornaments.You will find best quality jewelry and apparent in its inventory.


Strict action should be taken against police officials who are not willing to do their jobs.


EOBI terms MQM hurdle in rent recovery from shops

A top official at the Employees Old-age Benefit Institution (EOBI) on Tuesday told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that a nexus of nine private companies and local political workers with close links to the MQM had occupied shops at the EOBI Plaza, Karachi, without paying rent since 2001.

EOBI Director General Investment Wahid Khursheed expressed his inability to get the shops vacated due to interference and influence of the MQM and the matter had now reached the sector in-charge of the political party, who was a huge hurdle in the recovery of rent.

Everyone loves to hit at MQM. He should ask the area police to kick the occupants out and call them to courts. Why are police officers enable to initiate against the culprit. They should arrest peopel try to stop them from doing their work.

People who join police force know the risk associated with their jobs. If they fear then they should be fired and new people should be hired in their place. The problem in Karachi is that police officers from outside Karachi give big bribes to transfer themselves here to make money. They have found it easy to blame MQM to hide their ineffeciency.

Commentary: MQM leader thinks party activists are being killed because of party chief Altaf Hussain’s stance on sectarian killings

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Raza Haroon has linked the recent spate of murders of party activists to party chief Altaf Hussain’s recent statement opposing sectarianism and claims that activists are being killed because of the stance the party has taken.

He has no evidence to suggest his assertion. It is still not clear that who is killing shias in Baluchistan and other parts of the country. However, it is the responsibility of the Intelligence agencies to find the culprits as soon as possible. Shia Killings are giving a bad name to our country. It will divide country along sectarian lines.

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