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otterbox iphone 4 cases are impressive


iPhone has become a popular smartphone. If we look at the findings of market research firm Kantar, we get the impression it has the larget market than all Android-based devices.

My brother recently bought a Iphone 4. I played with it for half an hour and find the device innovative. I have been a Nokia fan. He has also bought a beautiful case. I liked the colorful case. offers a wide range of case for iPhone 4. The company has introduced many otterbox iphone 4 series in the market.


ANP leader Jannat Gul involved in extortion and killings


Police in Karachi seems to be helpless. Extortionists are brazenly killing people. On Saturday, a group of people affiliated with ANP leader Jannat Gul entered the meat market located Al-Asif Square in Sohrab Goth.

They demanded extortion money from the shopkeepers, which resulted in scuffle, and they escaped from the market. They returned to the market with automatic weapons and fired upon the shoppers who had fought with them. Four people died in the incident. These people fled when police arrived. They came back again when the police left and attacked them again.

This video report tells us that how this criminal fought with the police. Government should take stern action against them and punish them.

Important news ignored: the federal government has refused to fund Karachi Water Supply Scheme


No one in Karachi paid attention to the important news, which appeared on today’s papers.  The news is that the federal government has refused to finance Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme. It is commonly known as K-IV.

The Central Development Working Party  officials say that it is now a provincial matter after the passage of the 18th Amendment.

We did not see any serious efforts by Sindh government in this matter.  Karachi’s representative also did not raise the issue for this scheme in the scheme. They are silent on this issue.

Karachi needs 1,200 MGD per day. It only receives 600 MGD. The new scheme can provide additional supply of 650 million gallons per day (MGD) of water to the city.

Extortionists do better preparation for Ramazan than the police and Rangers: Atiq Mir


Extortion cases have rises before the advent of the Ramazan.  Businessmen are worried that they woul make their life miserable like last year. We all witnessed killings and extortion in the Holy month of Ramazan.

Business men are worried that this year too police are not prepared to tackle the situation. Express tribune reported:

All Karachi Tajir Ittehad Chairman Atiq Mir said it seems that extortionists do better preparation for Ramazan than the police and Rangers. “There is certainly a link between extortion and Ramazan.

Haji Fazal Kadir Sherani , president of the the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, lamented that control’s policies and plans failed to give them any relief. Now Businessmen are moving to other countries with their money.

The party which claims to represent Karachi has failed to persuade its coalition partners to implement an effect plan for the restoration of peace in Karachi.

Senator Shahi Syed talked about changing demographics and ethnic violence in Karachi, but offered no solution.



The Pakistan Society of London invited Senator Shahi Syed  the School of Oriental and African Studies. He had a candid chat with the audience.  He told his audience about the changing demographics and ethnic violence in Karachi and the crisis they have created in the economic hub of Pakistan.

He criticized MQM for their attitude. He said that MQM was not cooperating in bringing peace in the Metropolis. He tried his best to tell that the audience that he was not against anything ethnic group  or “people who wore western clothing” . However, he did not over any solutions to curb the violence and make this city peaceful again.

Syed said that he was willing to talk to Altaf Hussain provided that he offered an assurance of peace. Unfortunately, Mr. Syed does not understand the dynamics of the politics of this city. Unrestricted  migration has caused a lot of burden on the system of the system. People are coming here have joined criminals elements and grabbing lands and properties. They are doing killings to divert public attention from their criminal activities. No  one pays attention to the people of Karachi whose flats and houses have been occupied by these migrant people.

Government using targeted killings to hide incompetence: Afaq Ahmed


I agree with Mr. Afaq’s statement that targeted killings have distracted public minds from the real issues. Public has forgotten in fear. What are their problems?  Anyone fool can see that Karachi has descended into anarchy because of the negligence of the government and its coalition partners.

He said :

They are sitting and enjoying the [situation] because it means that no one will rise up against inflation and unemployment. If people are freed from the shackles of fear, then you would have many Tahrir Squares in Karachi.

More than 5000 people have died in Karachi because of violence.  This year more than 1000 has lost their lives. People of Karachi have stopped thinking about bad economic times. They pay more attention to protecting themselves from the criminals who killing people daily. Afaq right said that people would not rise up against inflation and unemployment.

Looking for wire covers?


Good quality wire covers should be used for covering networking wires. It saves network engineers and administrators from a lot of headaches in the future. I once faced great dilemma when  I was assigned the task  to connect different departments within the factory where I was employed as a system administrator. sells quality network rubber ducts, and other accessories.

Stop the persecution of ethnic Indians in Karachi


Waseem Ahmed’s death has shocked me badly. His assassins did not spare his two-year-old son. Wailings of his old mother tear my heart. Silence of the law enforcement agencies and police have also given me a shock. They are doing nothing to stop violence in the city. News reports suggest that they are supporting criminals who have started an organized persecution of sons of ethnic Indians who have migrated to this promise land at the call of Mr. Jinnah.

easyBackgrounds can help you check your employees background


Good companies have made employment screening part of their hiring process. I have worked in the computer for many years and witnessed bad employees stealing company data and source code and selling to other companies.

Now companies approach companies that offer background check services. I recommend this to friends. I have used this company to check backgrounds of grooms who wanted to marry girls in my family.

Mr. Edhi has fallen ill.


Well-known humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi has fallen ill. Pray for his health. He was admitted into the Institute of Urology and Transplantation when he fainted after seeing the bullet-ridden bodies of people who were gunned down in Turbat. His son told media that he was in stable condition. Mr. Edhi has been suffering from kidney trouble for a long time. However, for the past few months he has been under stress after intelligence agencies told him that Taliban planned to kidnap him.

He said:

    I am shocked over the killings of these innocent people. They were just going to earn livelihood. My heart cries out when I see this happening in the country. I appeal to the people to pray for the country and also for my good health.

The people who are killing people are heartless. They will not listen to his please.

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