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threaded inserts

0 is a big supplier of Industrial and manufacturing supplies. Companies can buy items like threaded inserts  and other hardware from it.

The company has Helical , keylocking and knife threat and nut inserts in its inventory. You can purchase them in kits.Thread repair inserts come in many varieties, depending on the application.

MQM favours trade with India


MQM’s Parliamentary Leader Dr Farooq Sattar said that his party favours trade with India. He said that trade should be done through borders of Bahawalpur and Wahgah. He also said that ferry service between Karachi and Mumbai should be resumed.

MQM should also ask to open Rajistan border. It will help people living Karachi to visit India easily.

saft lithium batteries


People have switched to litithium batteries. They say they prefer it because its stability. people still use silver-oxide and alkaline batteries.

Toys, laptops, cellphones and digital are found in every home. I recommend saft lithium batteries for toy and cameras. It is well-known brand and available in many sizes and capacity. One can buy this brand and other popualr brands from


Threats and geopolitical situation dictate that we should not cut our defence budget


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement  has criticised the increase in defense budget for the year 2012-13. The party termed it unncessary. I think their criticims is unjustified. Mr. Farooq Sattar thinks that relationship between India and Pakistan is improving. Hence party thinks increase in defence budget is not required now.

Honorable leader should read about the threats facing and geopolitical situation dictate that we should keep our army in shape because is constantly threatening us with dire consequences.

Those who are advocating decrease in defence budget at this time are not right. I think our enemy’s propaganda has clouded their minds.


White Wire LED Christmas Light


Christmas is celebrated across the glove with religious fervor and festivity. People decorate their houses and buy presents for their loved ones. Christmas tree is the object of attention in every home. Children and adult look for the best lights to decorate. Most people like led Christmas lights white wire.

Here is a retailer who sells led lights at reasonable prices. Book mark this page.

Buy Cell phone accessories


Online retailers are the best source to buy high-quality cell phone accessories. You can easily find out the retailer who is offering the best prices and place your order without moving from shops to shops in a mall. is a reputed Canadian based retailer. It sells a wide range of cell phones and electronics items at reasonable price.  You can buy items from deals offered by them.

Karachi has been left at the mercy of criminals


Karachi is burning, and no one is doing anything to curb violence in the city. Id you browse through Karachi section of Pakistan’s leading newspapers. You will read depressing news about deaths and destruction.

Three people have been shot dead in Nazimabad. Earlier three member of a family killed in Korangi. When I  read these kinds of news, my heart bleeds. Since 1947, we are in the ordeal. When will we see peace and tranquility.

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