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Nawaz league trying to play Sindh Card to get votes


The Sindh president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said:

The division of Sindh is a conspiracy and splitting it will lead to the disintegration of Pakistan.If we want to save Pakistan, we’ll have to save Sindh first. My party has always focused on the problems of the province and will always fight for its rights.

People lije Ghous Ali Shah and other Sindhi elites have done nothing for the poor people of Sindh. They have always exploited the feelings and sentiments of Sindhi people. Sindh’ present crisis started during his rule. If this man had taken the right decision during his rule, Sindh would have been a peaceful province.

Our Sindh brothers should learn to share things. We need a review on Quota system in Sindh. Resources should be even divided between the rural and urban sindh people. However, our Sindhi brothers wanted to get all lucratives jobs without competition because it is their right.

Nawaz and his party members are trying to incite Sindhi people against Urdu speaking people. Violence will only hurt Sindhis. it will permanently divide Sindh. Sindhi leaders should stop hurling threats. T

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Who is behind Mohajir Soba Tehreek?


A new force has arisen on the Sindh’ political arena. This new force is demanding a new province for Mohajir. Their activities stated with small rallies and chalkings. Yesterday, they carried out a big rally and marched towards the press club. The question is: Who is providing support to this new force?

A lot of people have started blaming MQM for this. However, PPP’s Nishar Khuro said that he did not know who was behind these people. He said that people are supporting them should tell their names. He said this was not the first time that people were talking about a provinces. He added that Sindhi groups too demanded for a separate homeland. It is the peopel who decide by their votes whether they like the ideologies  of these people. Elections can decide. I agree with him.

MQM’s Waseem Akhtar clariied in Jasmeen’s Program that MQM was not supporting them. However, said that people in power talk to them what are their demands. In response to a Jasmeen’s question, he said points raised by the groups should be given due attention. He said not only this group whole Sind is talking about the Injustices. He added that Sindh not only produces revenue but also gas and oil too.

 Shehzed. a representaive of the Mohajir Tehreek tried to explain his views.


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Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft


I like in a very violent city. Suicide bombers blow themselves up to protest over the on-going  operation in the tribal region. Terrorists stole personal information from national identity cards and passports to make new ones in their names. NADRA which issues the  identity card, and passport has advised people to use a shielded wallet to protect their information from being stolen.

Why does MQM avoid discussion on Karachi violence? I


via Law and order, a matter of little concern for MPAs

While majority of the public representatives avoided taking part in the debate on law and order, initiated following an adjournment motion, those who spoke patted themselves saying that “everything is fine in Sindh. The law and order situation is under control in the province

MQM’s behavior always astonishes me. The party claims it is a sole representative of the Mohajir people. MQM’s Shoaib Bukharisaid:

Our members can’t speak on the issue as chief minister, law secretary and other officials are not there. The  law minister Ayaz Soomro diverted the attention of Shoab Bihari that officials from law departments were present. They could take notes and forward it to the chief minister.

It is their reposobility to debate on the Karachi violence and come out with a solution for the crisis faced by the people of Karachi. They always raise hue and cry on media and social media. This is not going to please people.


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