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Buy desktop at discounted prices


Canadian buyers often buy desktops from online retailers. The Internet  enables them to find the best deals. Retailer like sells items at  reasonable prices. The retailer is offering HP Pavilion Slimline at a discounted price. The retail price is about $899.99.

Pavilion Slimline s5560f is a good machine. It is powered by AMD Phenom™ II 830 Quad-Core Processor, 2.80GHz It has a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive and comes with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.


Poor performance of law makers in Sindh Assembly


Four Year Performance report presented in the Sindh Assembly’s speaker has shocked me.

It is the duty of a representative to enact laws and initiate debate on the issues of public importance interests>Reports tell us that majority of the law makers in the Sindh Assembly wasted their precious time and performed a negligible role in the law-making process.

Some law makers like Bashir Ahmed (PPP) and Zubair Ahmed did not turn up for discussion. Those who actively participated in the political process and discussions are Arif Mustafa Jatoi, Heer Ismail  Soho, Humera Alwani and Nusrat bano.

Discuss Karachi in the assembly and adopt a course of actions to bring peace in the city


I failed understand why did MQM’s refused to discuss Karachi when Marvi Rashdi of the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional tried to discuss Karachi’s situation in the assemby. MQM MPA Raza Haroon said that we should discuss the situation of the whole province.

His reasoning failed to convince me. He said:

Everyday many people die in ongoing tribal clashes and other incidents in upper Sindh. Kidnapping for ransom is on the rise and many cases have been reported from Larkana, Shikarpur and Sukkur. Why are you only focusing on killings in Karachi.

This short sighted but educated member from MQM must know that Karachi is the economic hub of the Karachi. Disturbance in Karachi effects everyone across Pakistan. I think they should discuss Karachi and try to adopt a guidlines for restoring peace in Karachi.

Ms Paligo is right that Karachi’s situation is different from other areas of Sindh.  She said:

Twenty to thirty people are not killed in rural areas within minutes. Life is paralysed in Karachi when violence starts. We should not generalise other issues of Sindh with target killings in Karachi. The adjournment is specific and a debate should be initiated on it

Rashidi is right in saying that we must take action against the handful of miscreants who have taken the city hostage.

Buy compost at reasonable prices


My late father loves to maintain a garden. He always created a garden and vegetable growing area wherever he went. He would be pleased and asked for compost bins like shown on This website sells different types of bins at reasonable rates. One can buy a compost barrel at  by placing an order from its website. The good thing is that its prices are reasonable.


Leather repair and coloring kit


There is a growing demand of goods made from nubuck leather. This is leather is made from the outer side of the hide. I never buy leather products because it takes a lot of money and times to keep them in good condition. Now I hear there are kits available in the market that helps a user retouch or repairs his leather coats,  chairs and other items. sells leather recoloring kit and cleaning kit.

Whisky receive 'Halal' certification


I was shocked to read the news story about a drink called Arkay in the daily Mail online. What shocked me is that this product has received ‘Halal Certification.

This is a new Whiky brand introduced in the market for  teetotalers. The reporter thinks that Halal certification was acquired to market this product in the Muslim countries and Muslim population living in western countries. I angery at the peopel who have granted the company a Halal certification. We all know that It is not possible to make alcohol-free whisky.

Punjabis will never vote for MQM


The Deputy Convener of the MQM said that some people in Punjab are inciting the feelings of Punjabi people against MQM. He assured Punjabis that MQM will not disappoint them.

He said that his party members consist of people from all walks of life. It includes peasants, laborers and members of middle class.

I think MQM is wasting its resource on their Punjab campaign. Punjabis will never vote for them. They must use the money in Karachi and Hyderabad. It will further enhance their vote banks.

Target Killing & Extortion in Karachi, Reasons & Sufferers?


Karachi has been divided along ethnic lines by criminal politicians. Kamran Shahid shows in his program how Mohajir and Pathan community fire upon one another. Both sides accuse one another of starting the fight. Bullet holes on the walls can be seen in the video. They live very close to one another. One can image the destruction and deaths caused by close range firings. People of the area accuses that rangers and police do not do anything to stopĀ  criminals from committing crimes.

Mustafa Khamal says that problem of the Karachi is that provincial and federal do not own Karachi. I agree with him. After the emergence of the MQM on the political scene on Karachi, PPP and PMLN have stopped their political activities. Both these parties’ field their candidates from mixed localities where there are sizable numbers of non-Mohajir voters.

Security agencies knew who are doing subversive activities in Karachi, but they do not take action against the killers because their ethnic bias. They want to keep Karachi in turmoil so investors move to Punjab and other areas.

Karachi’s resident saw peace and tranquility during 2002 to 2008. The credit goes to Mr. Pervez for peace in Karachi. Though MQM claims the credit. It means peace can be maintained here. The present democratic government is not interested in bringing peace in Karachi. They wanted to keep the city in turmoil.

Clinique skin care products for men


Clinique is well-known brand. The company makes a wide range of  skin care, makeup & fragrance products for men. Its post beard control, shaving cream and  anti-blesmish soother are very popular among young men. I got a  pack of its post shave anti-blemish soother from my sister-in-law. She gave gifts to me when she had arrived in Pakistan for vacation.

Amish wood furniture


The Amish are Christians, who like to live a simple life. Most of the people do not know that the popular brand of Amish wood Furniture is made by the Amish living in Ohio and Indiana. Their furniture become popular because they use pure wood. They do not use particle board or laminate.

I personally like this kind of furniture. sells a wide range if chairs, tables and cribs.

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