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Why innocent people are killed in the riots?


via  Muttahida worker`s killing triggers violence


Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Hussain Wasan said:

We have confirmed reports of the killing of eight people, including MQM workers, and 35 vehicles were set ablaze in today`s violence.


There are other unfortunate people who died due to violence.  The following are the poor non-Urdu speaking bread earners.


Dawn reported:

In New Karachi, the driver of a route W-18 bus was shot dead before his bus was set on fire. `The young driver, Shahzad Mehsud, sustained three gunshot wounds and died in Sector 5A- , The victim was a resident of Manghopir and originally hailed from SouthWaziristan.

A rickshaw driver, Taj Habib, met the same fate near Nishtar Park. The thirty-five-year-old driver was shot dead before the three wheeler was set ablaze near Novelty Cinema.

In Azizabad, a popcorn seller was shot dead near a mosque, police said. `Thirty year-old Zardar Gul used to sell popcorns on his pushcart near Baloch Hotel and Riaz Masjid. He was a resident of Bhangoria Goth.


These innocent people were gunned down because of their ethnicity. This is outrageous. We are not at war with anyone. Political vendetta should be settled with political people. Ordinary people should not be targeted.

Violence and killings will never end if we behave like barbaric animals. What happened to the MQM’s sector member is high condemnable, but it is not right to target and punish innocent people for the crimes of others. PPP government is solely responsible for the continued violence in the city. They did nothing to stop it. Instead, they have been trying to take advantage of the unfortunate situation. Reports indicate Police did not bother to intervene. They watched arsonists burning buses and properties.  This makes them accessory to the crime too.

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Clifton Attack: Police negligence or connivance.


This is cctv footage clearly shows how criminals attacked the event in Clifton in Karachi. I was shocked to see that policemen who were on duty there, fled from the areas when firing started.

Senior police officials should take these negligent officers to task and initiate an enquiry against them. Silence of the high officials indicates that something is wrong. It means police knew what was going to happen.

Sindh's Interior ministry should take notice of the attack on Afaq


Killers attacked MQM-H security squad in Landhi 89, which resulted in the death of a poor police man. If we analyze the situation,we come to the conclusion that this attack was carried out to malign MQM. The big question is: Why would killers attack his MQM-H security squad? A common man could see that Afaq was not in the car. Leaders, whose live is at risk, do not stop at petrol pumps like this.

MQM-H leader Khalid Hameed said they were planning to go to Hyderabad to attend a wedding event. He said :

It was a long journey, so [the driver] went to fill diesel. As soon as he reached the pump terrorists lying in wait opened fire.

People like me were worried when Afaq met political leaders in Punjab. We felt that they had hatched a new plan to destroy the peace of Karachi. Now he has landed in Karachi with a plan.  Look at the statement he gave at Jinnah hospital. He said :

We don’t want to be forced to take steps [to protect ourselves] that would destroy the peace of Karachi.

There is a veiled threat in this statement. The man has right to defend himself, but but how could that destroy the peace of Karachi. Will they attack the houses of their suspected attackers?





Punjabi and Pakhtoon leaders want to use Afaq Khan again for their political game


The Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqqiq chief Afaq plans to open its its secretariat in Islamabad. The party chairman made this decision after meating different parties officiallly and unofficially. According to reports, they met with PMLN leaders unffocially. Afaq said:


These parties assured Afaq Ahmed of their full cooperation to his party’s political activities across the country.

It (MQM-H) would also shift its headquarters from Landhi to Clifton or Defence to more actively carry out its political and organisational activities (in Karachi).

The party Chairman blamed that MQM was creating hurdles in their political activities. That’s why they took the decision to move  their office to Islamamad. He thinks this will enable his party to plan their activities for the next elections.

Every party has a right to carry out its political activities. This development shows that establishment, and some Punjabi and Paktoon leaders wanted to use him again  against MQM in Karachi. News reports in the press and electronic media has confirmed that ANP  has extended their support to them.

What compelled ANP workers to cut cable wires?


People are eager to know who are cutting cable-wires. However, it appears that Police is not interested in apprehending the culprits. Anyone can make a guess who is behind this.

ANP Senator Zahid Khan gave yes some clue what compelled what coerced ANP workers to take this action. His statement with the geo signified that channel transmission was stopped when the press conference of Afaq Khan and ANP leaders were being shown on the channels. He lamented that cable operators switched off the transmission by the order of someone.

Can MQM alter election list?


via APC takes MQM to task for ‘altering’ voters list

Participants of Parties Conference that was convened by Jamaat-e-Islami accused MQM of altering electoral rolls. This meeting was held at  JI’s Idara-e-Noor-e-Haq. Leaders of different political parties hurled preposterous accuses at MQM.

PML-N’s Saleem Zia said:

The ECP came under the pressure of MQM. All political parties have a right to represent people of Karachi in the assemblies, as the city does not belong to the MQM alone.

The question is: How can MQM’s exert its influence to make changes in the list. A computerized CNIC is required to register a voter’s name in the list.

Election Commission’s rule says,”A person can be enrolled as a voter in an electoral area provided that he or she ordinarily resides in that electoral area or owns or possesses a dwelling house or any other immovable property in that electoral area.”

Most of these people live in rented houses. A person cannot change a address until his landlord cooperates with him. Landlords do not entertain this request because of the fraud or criminal cases.

Parties should not make unfounded allegations.

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Altaf makes scathing attack on PPP.


via MQM candidates will sweep elections: Altaf

Altaf Hussain surprised everyone on the eve of President Asif Ali Zardari’s fifth, and historic speech by making a scathing attack on his coalition partner. He said:

Listen jagirdars and waderas of the PPP, Sindh’s peasants are with the MQM. The days for the feudal, who disregard the ordinary people, are almost over. The party’s labour division will punish the feudals with hammers, and the March 18 rally will be the last nail in their coffin.

Who is he trying to fool?  What kind of politics is he doing? A ago we saw hooliganism in the Sindh Assembly by his educated lawmakers. They end their boycott on call from the president.

I know he commands great influence in Mohajir dominated areas. However, this kind of sensational politics has estranged his educated voters. This kind  of rhetoric statements can impress uneducated voters, but not the educated ones.  Party will have to end politics of confrontation. PPP is a big party and enjoys the great support in all segments of society. It is not right to lambaste the party like this. After all they are your political partner. Show some respect.

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