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ANP & Gilani's son supporters firing after winning elections


When I picked by the picked my Express Tribune today, I did not find the news reports of aerial firings done supporters of ANP in Mardan and Prime Minister’s son in Multan.

What shocked me that authorities did not take any actions against them despite  television channels showed the actions of these people live. 

Imran to launch campaign in rural areas from Monday


PTI chief Imran Khan has announced a campaign to reach to the people of the villages. In the first phase of his campaign, he will address public gatherings in 60 villages across Punjab. He will start his campaign from February 27. The party has announced that during this mass-contact campaign, he would be accompanied by Javed Hashmi, shahmood Quresh and Mian Azhar.

I think it is a good approach to create a voter base. People in the villages of Pakistan are fed with the traditional politicians. They have done nothing to improve their conditions. The question is: Will people vote Imran?   Gilani’s son has won the seat despite that his father did not do anything to develop his constituency.

Commentary: MQM shows ‘liberal face’ of Pakistan


MQM has startled and shocked its opponents by arranging the country’s biggest-ever women exclusive’ rally in Karachi. Women of all ages visited the gathering with great interest and listened the speech of the charismatic leader with attention.

One of Pakistan’s leading newspaper commented: “MQM shows ‘liberal face’ of Pakistan.” I agree with the newspaper. MQM’s leader Mr. Altaf said if we wanted to transform Pakistan into a strong state, then we have to empower our women.

This huge public meeting has silenced the people were saying that Imran and Fazal-ur Rehman could pose threat for MQM in Karachi. I think the succesful event must open their eyes.

Looking for anniversary gifts for her?


Valentine’s day has justed by passed. Pakistanis also celebrated the day with fun and fervor despite threats from the hardliners. I saw friends and young people tweeting and exchanging views about gifts for their loved ones. A friend requested my assistence in selecting a gift for her wife. I diverted her to a popular gift webiste, which sell a wide range of anniversary gifts for her. I told him he find a stunning gift for her. When he saw the selections and items on the page, he was pleased.

Government should intervene: Hostilty between MQM and ANP can lead to violence


After watching the talk show of Dr. Danish, I was expecting that controversy generated by Senator Illyas Bilor will die down. ANP’s Senator Zahid tried  his best to cool down the matter in the show. However, inflammatory remarks passed by MQM MPA Khwaja Izharul Hassan in the Sindh assembly sparked off another round of hot words between the two parties.

Mr. Izharul Hassan asserted that he only wanted to register his protested in the Sindh assembly and demanded that government should take action against Senator Bilour.

Sind Assembly members witnessed these parties in mutual recriminations. They accused one another for the prevailing condition in the port city of Karahi.

The city is already in fear because of the recent violence and rising incidents of robbery, Hostility between ANP and MQM will further increase tension in the city and lead to serious clashsbetween the party supporters in different areas.



Looking for Jeep lift kits?


A sensible car or jeep owner carries all the necessary tools with him. It helps to fix his problems or replace tires quickly. When my brother recently purchased an army jeep in auction, he started looking for a jeep lift kit for his Toyata jeep.

Market is flooded with different types of jeep lift kits. One can find all types of lift kits online.

Looking for storage bins


Quantum, Akro, Schafer, LewisBins makes good quality storage bins. Their products are  widely used in the industry for keeping small parts or hardwares. Most of you know that I used to work in a product facility. The facility had fabrication am, mechenical and assembly departments.

Storage bins come in variety of sizes. They are designed according to the requirement of different industries and  environment.

Bilour's statement termed a 'confession': Pluck up courage and file a case


Ilyas Bilour’s statement has generated an uproaror among MQM circles and its supporters. MQM’s leaders have started issuing statements against him. They want Chief Justice to take Suo Moto against him.

Bilar said in a TV channel program that ANP tamed  MQM. MQM’s leaders and supporters think it is tantamount to his party’s confessing to all the bloodshed Krachi witnessed recently. They have been tweeting and posting comments on the Social media website in order to attract Supreme court’s attention.

It is strange to note a single leader is willing to file a case against him in Sindh High Court.

I want to tell my blog readers that all political who have won seats from Karachi are responsible for violence and crimes in Karachi. They accuse each other to divert public attention from the crimes they have committed. Political workers belonging to all parties have grabbed lands in prime locations.

Miller makes good quality welding products


Miller welders are recommended by professionals. I got information about Miller’s product from my brother. He is a certified welding inspector and works in Pakistan top consultant firm.

The company makes different models. Companies or professionals can select a product according to their requirements. It also makes a wide range of accessories, including armor gear, helmets and guns.

Welding is a sensitive process. One should buy products from reputable companies.

Commentary: SA body rejects MQM’s proposal


The Special Committee of Sindh Assembly has rejected MQM’s proposal. This eleven-member committee was formed to look into the proposal of MQM. MQM wants to emend a clause of the constitution. The proposed amendment will give power to the National Assembely for the creation of new provinces. They wanted to delete Article 239 (4) of the Constitution of Pakistan, which empowers the provinces to decide changes in the boundaries.

The committee has elected senior Minister Pir Mazharul Haq as its chairman.

MPA Masroor Ahmed Jatoi has moved a resolution in the Sindh Assembly against MQM’s proposed amendment and termed it a conspiracy against Sindh. It is important to note that people from all the political groups have opposed MQM’s move.  The lawmakers of ruling PPP, PML-F, PML-Q, PML-Likeminded and ANP have signed the resolution.

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