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web conferencing service has become popular in Pakistan


MQM’s leader Altaf always uses new tools to communicate with his party leaders and workers in Pakistan. He has been controlling his party using  communication tools.

Recently, he used web conferencing service to communicate with his supporters in different cities in Pakistan. People in Pakistan have started to use video conferencin because cheap bandwidth rates. Many companies have come in the market. These companies are offering good software and services.

21 people lost their lives in January in Karachi


Yesterday, two activists of Sunni Tehreek was gunned in Karachi. This puts the death toll to 21. It is shocking that police has not made the slightest effort to nab the criminals and find out who are doing this. Karachi resident is at the mercy of killers. They simply shelve the cases by labeling it as sectarian or political killings.

Karachi police needs complete overhaul. Police appointments have made it an ineffective force. Silence will not hurt MQM. It will hurt Pakistan. Karachi is a mega city and generates 70% of the national wealth.

Looking for a youtube downloader?

0 has become a high popular website. Reports indicate millions of users visits this video website daily in order find new videos or plan their favorite ones.

Now there are youTube downloaders available in the market that allows a user to download their favorite videos for playing offline. offers a youtube downloader. I have tested the software and can safely that it is the fasted download available in the market. I used this downloader to download my favorite political talk shows.

The new proposed amendment will increase tension with other communities


MQM has submitted a bill in the parliament to make the 20th amendment  in the Constitution. They wanted to amend certain clauses of the constitution. These changes  will allow the parliament to debate and approve the bill for the creation of new provinces, including Hazara and Seraiki provinces.

The proposed amendment will allow MQM to insert the names of Hazara and Southern Punjab in the Article 1 of the Constituion. The party thinks that new provinces will allow government to manage administrative areas effectively.

I think this proposed amendment should have come from  parliamentarians of the areas. It is strange these parliamentarians are silent on this issue. MQM’s critics say they have an ulterior motive for this action. They wanted to pay the way for a new province in Sindh.

MQM’s action is not realizing the ramifications of its actions. Punjabis from the central Punjab will resist this with forces. They will start conspiring against Urdu speaking people and try to inflict them with pain.

One should always buy motor and accessories from trusted shops


My one-horse  power motor and water pump attached with it burnt. A piece of cloth fell from by neighbor’s house and stuck in the belt. I have been using this motor and pump for three and half years. It was working perfectly. My wife advised me to get the motor winding repaired instead of buying a new motor at the moment. I agreed with her and called our electrician friend. He is a trusted man and repaired the motor in a day. I trust him because he uses pure copper wire in his motor winding work.

Install gps for truckers


As know that most of the transporters in Pakistan are illiterate. One of my friends used to work with a Pathan transporter. They were good people, but some of their employees used to take advantage of their goodness and used to truck for their own business. My friend asked my advice on this issue. I recommend to buy gps devices to monitor his trucks. There are many American companies that make gps for truckers.   gps device enable an owner to find the exact location of their trucks

Zardari leaves for Dubai: reports


Mr. Zardari depature to Dubai has once again generated speculations. Analysts and medica channels are saying that he has left the country and not return.

There is no doubt it is a scheduled one-day trip.However. Supreme Courts order has made people to speculate.  People say that Memogate case can create problems for him.

Though his party officials are saying he would come on Friday. I think they are lying

MQM asks government to avoid confrontation by respecting supremacy of law and constitution


As you know yesterday there was a rumour circulating across Pakistan that army will topple the government. All the parties covened their special sessions to cope with the situation arising out of confrontation between the army and civilian leaders.

MQM Coordination Committee held a long sessions and deliberated for hours what to do in this situation. The comittee advised its major coalition partner to avoid confrontation with the army. Most of the people termed their statement ambiguous because they asked government to respect the supremacy of law and constitution.

The problem is that it is a not a dispute between the institutions.The confrontaion between the government is increasing after an order of the court. This can be resolved by the options given the Supreme Courts in its order. If the government follows that it will open new problems for it. The honourable courts wanted the implement its judgment on NRO case. It has been proding government to implement its order for two years.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly the NWFP) contains five districts of Punjab


MQM’s application for the formation of new provinces has started a heated debate. Seasoned leaders from K-P have been hurling accuses at MQM. They have termed their move as a conspiracy.

I do not know what has irked ANP leaders. They have been clamouring for  the Seraiki province for a long time. Why do they become angry when people talk about Hazara province.

If we dig into our history records, we find that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly the NWFP) was created with from  districts separated from Punjab and the same number of political agencies by our British rulers.

In my opinion, they should sit together and come out with an amical solution. Recriminations will be bad for Pakistan.

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