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Sectarian clash leaves Khairpur a ghost town


The news sectarian violence  in Khairpur shocked. Rural Sindh is a peaceful area. The incident told us that sectarian outfits have extended their tentacles to our poor areas.

Fighting erupted over the playing of devotional poetry at a loud volume. There was a Quran recitation ceremony was going in the vicinity. Though rangers have controlled the violence, but the seeds of hatred had been sown.

This ugly incident could have easily avoided by the saner elements of the groups that was playing devotional songs. However, sectarian hatred did not allow them to listen to the demands of the other party.

MQM enters south Punjab with a bang


multan-mqmMQM has succeeded in organizing a big event in December 23 in Multan. Images of the meeting will give anxiety to traditional politicians of the area. The big question is: Will these people able to come out in large numbers on election days?

Mr. Altaf  announced his support for the Saraiki province. He has asked his legislators to table motions in the National Assembly.

It is too early to predict that MQM will be able to break the influence of bridari and caste in Multan. There is no doubt a sizable urdu speaking population lives in Multan. Will they vote for MQM? This may anger their old Punjabi friends.

Easy Spirit makes comfortable women and sandals


Easy Spirit makes high quality shoes and sandals. We Pakistan occasionally get this kind of sandals and shoes as gifts from our relatives living in America and Canada. My got daughter got an easy spirit sandals from her cousins who lives in Kitchner, Canada. She comes every year to Pakistan and brings a lot of gifts for her loved ones. She told me that it appears that designer at Easy Spirit understand the anatomy of a woman’s feet.

This year my daughter has requested a poncho from Canada because good quality ponchos are not available in Karachi.

MQM(H): Afaq Ahmed supports a southern Sindh province


afaq-ahmedAfaq Ahmed, chairman of Mohajir Qaumi Movement  made an interesting statement that would give nightmares to his good friend Dr. Mirza.

He said that he never supported the idea of a Mohajir Province. However, he called for   a southern Sindh province comprising urban areas of the Sindh.

Mr. Mirza had said that no one could divide Sindh. Let us see how he reacts to the statement of his friend.

I personally fully agree with his idea. Time has come for the division of the Sindh. Sindhi should not raise hue and cry.

Looking for information herniated disc surgery?


I and other members of my family have been trying to convince my brother-in-law to undergo herniated disc surgery. He is a young man and has been suffering pain from many years.

Whenever I find some new information on the disc problem, I send it to him. Many patients say that doctors have developed a minimally invasive procedure for doing surgery. There are many hospitals in the United States, which has been doing surgery with success.

MQM must pay attention to social media


 cyber-seminarA friend passed me a picture of the event held by MQM Liquatabad sector. The event was basically a seminar on Cyber Revolution. I do not know why was the purpose of the this seminar.

There is no doubt political parties in Pakistan has widely using social media website like Facebook and twitter to attract new supports.

It is a good think. But MQM lacks the resources to take advantage of this medium for propagation. Most of its online supports bare write few sentences. I have seen them abusing supporters of other parties in a very bad language. Supports of other parties like PML (Nawaz) and PTI also use foul language and do not tolerate criticism.

Party loyalists of MQM must learn to bear criticism with patience.  Gone are the days of violence. People have become fed with the violent activities of the past that is why they are willing to support Imran Khan.

Many parties have started activities in MQM’s stronghold. It is time for MQM leaders to change their ways and and woe their strange supporters.

Looking fhigh quality vintage clawfoot tubs?


People who live in small apartments often prefer a clawfoot tub because this product can be installed in a small space.

There are many company in America that makes this kind of tubs. Baths of Distinction is one such company. Its clawfoot tubs are popular among people because of vintage designs. The company also makes matching accessories for its products.

There are some truth in extortion accusations against MQM


Metro One TV channel has unveiled documentary on the life of Mr. Altaf Hussain.  This documentary tells us about Mr. Altaf’s struggle and how he managed to establish him in the political spectrum of Pakistan.

A program was held at  the Lal Qila ground in Azizabad on Saturday. Party luminaries like former Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal, MPA Shoaib Bukhari, Dr Sagheer Ahmed and Wasay Jalil attended the program.

Party leaders used the event to clear accusations of extortion. They tried to dispel the impression that its members are not involved. I would like tell them the accusations are not unfounded. Mnay p leaders and activists have made millions during Pervez’s regime. Their prosperity is evident from their life style.

Party should find out these people after internal investigation and kick them from the party

Afaq Ahmed released


Afaq Ahmed, chairperson of Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi, has been released from the Central Jail. This man has been in in jail for seven years on different charges. The government prosecutors failed to bring evidence for a single case.

A lot of people are expressing that his release will bring violence in the city. The big question is: Is he alone responsible for the violence? There are other actors in the city, who are engaged in loot and plunder.

It is time for Mr. Afaq to prove his critics wrong and start a peaceful political activities in the city.

small business loans bad credit


Bad economy has forced many business owners to close down their business. Closure of their business also affected their credit ratings. Banks hesitate to offer loans now. However, many business funding groups have realized that circumstances were beyond the control of these business owners and have decided to fund their new ventures. These lenders have started small business loans bad credit programs so these people can start new businesses.

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