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Garmin makes good gps devices


I am planning to visit India next. India is my fatherland. My father migrated Pakistan from Indian in 1964. He was from a small village in India. Administrative areas have been widely changed after 1970s. My friends have advised me to buy a Garmin GPS to  located villages and other places in India.

After an exhaustive search on the Internet and reading many well research reviews, I arrived at the decision  I will buy a GARMIN GPS.

Garmin makes the best-quality gps devise with accurate maps.

Release Afaq and allow him to take part in politics


Afaq-ahmedSindh government at the behest of president is playing a dirty game in Karachi. They are using Afaq Ahmed as scarecrow for MQM. It is my opinion, Afaq Should be released and allow to start political activities if there is not incriminating evidence against him.  He has been in detention for more than 7 years under different pretext.

Seven years is a long time to prove something. It means government and his accusers have nothing to support their assertions. They have failed to link him with the murders.

Network Architect Jobs


Here is the list of Network Architect Jobs published by leading American companies. As you all know I am also in the IT field, I share this kind of information so friends who are worried because violence in Karachi can shift to other countries.

Employers from different states are offering jobs with good benefits.  Demand for network engineers are increasing day by day because of rapid computerization of organizations and companies.

Muharram starts with a violence in Karachi


Whenever violence erupts in Karachi, my friends and family members try to contact me to get information about the actual situation prevailing in Karachi.  Violence and killings are increasing day by day. Law enforcement agencies have failed to stop the ethnic and sectarian violence. It has observed that they side with their affiliated parties. 

Moharram has started in Karachi with a violence. Two innocent persons who were helping people who are coming to Imam Bargha was assassinated by the Sunni extremists.   This incident has frightened poor residents of Karachi.

The situation prevailing in Karachi has frightened me. I am thinking about immigrating other part of the country. Today my brother-in-law came and advised us to shift to Punjab. He is Pak Army.

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