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Thinking about printing baby announcements?


Last three new babies were added in my family. My brother-in-laws were blessed with boys. One brother-in-law  lives in Canada and other one lives in Rawalpindi. We received two beautiful baby announcements from them.

I liked the quality and design of the baby announcement, which I received from Kitchener Canada. The printer had used high-quality paper and ink to print the colored card.

My brother-in-law told me that he had used an online printer to use  the baby announce.  He told me that people can select the card and design from the comforts of one’s home. Some printers offer design tools too.



altaf-hussainFounder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that it was the democratic right of the opposition to disagree and protest with the policies of the government, but the opposition must not take any action that could undermine the democratic process. He said this in a meeting with the Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik in London. Members of the MQM Co-ordination Committee in London Saleem Shahzad, Tariq Mir, Asif Siddiqui and Mustafa Azizabadi were also present in the meeting.

Mr Rehman Malik gave a letter to Mr Hussain containing good will message from President Asif Ali Zardari. He thanked Mr Hussain for his co-operation in strengthening the democratic process in the country. Mr Hussain welcomed the good-will message of the president and expressed his best wishes for him.

Mr Hussain said that the establishment of the rule of law, system of justice, eradication of nepotism, and taking decisions on merit had always been the foremost priorities of the MQM. The MQM believes that the key to the progress and prosperity of the country lies in democracy. He declared that the MQM would continue to work with the PPP and its allied parties for continuation of democracy. The MQM would not grudge any sacrifice for this purpose.

Mr Hussain appealed to the political parties to desist from such protests that could threaten democracy as it would not only derail the democratic process, but also it would bring a bad name to the country internationally. The opposition parties must wait for their turn and contest the scheduled elections vigorously. 

Mr Hussain emphasized upon the government to constitute an Election Commission that enjoyed the trust of all political parties. The election commission should take every possible step for holding free and fair elections in the country.

Mr Hussain also stressed upon effective actions to improve the performance of national institutions and for relieving problems of load shedding and shortage of natural gas. The government should also work sincerely for bringing down inflation and solving other basic problems of the common people.

Mr Hussain praised Mr Malik for his active role in countering terrorism and for bringing peace.

Mr Malik said that the role of Mr Hussain was vital for the promotion of democracy, strengthening of democratic institutions and for bringing peace and tranquillity in Karachi. He said that the PPP government valued the role of the MQM for its role in establishing peace in Karachi.

Mr Malik said that the alliance between the MQM and the PPP was natural. Efforts were made to sabotage this alliance but the foresight of Mr Hussain and President Zardari had foiled all conspiracies.

Mr Malik said that he personally wanted to thank Mr Hussain for his full support to the government for the targeted operation in Karachi against the criminal elements. He said that Mr Hussain had always asked for across the board action against the criminal elements irrespective of their party affiliations and that no political pressure should be tolerated in this regard in order to restore peace in Karachi.

Fateha was offered for the soul of Mrs Nusrat Bhutto and her services for democracy in the country were richly praised.

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Looking for for powerful crabgrass killer?


My late father loved to maintain garden and grow vegetables.  During his service we moved from one base to another. He used to develop a piece of land and cultivate flowers and vegetables.

During  the last years of his service, we got a house, which was located in the old race course of Karachi. There was a huge piece of land in the house. We remained the house many years.  He often used to complain about crabgrass. He always used to keep a powerful crabgrass killer.

MQM minister should pay attention to redress problems


Now MQM has gotten back its ministries. The party leader must his minister pay attention to redress the problems of people.

When I heard the news, I took a sigh of relief because political partners have been wrangling over small issues and doing nothing to solve the problems of the people.

MQM ministers must make ensure that the city remains peaceful. Karachi’s people have fed with the recriminations of the coalition partners. 

Both Pathans and Urdu speaking people must realize that riots only increase their woes. It effects poorer segments of the both communities.

Roadside assistance service in America


One my friend told me that there are clubs for RV owners in the United States and Canada. He said these words while talking to me on the road between Karachi and Hyderabad. Our RV had broken down. We were going to  Sindh’s famous lake Kingher. My brother-in-law had booked a resort near the lake. He is in the Pakistan army. We got the resort at a reasonable price because of him.

My friend told me that a roadside assistance club in America tows a vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.  He said there is a famous club of RV owners in America. Its name is Good Sam. It offers a number of  benefits to its members at reasonable fee.

Zulfiqar Mirza’s outbursts have increased MQM’s supporters


PPP’s leader Zulfiqar Mirza has spat out a lot of venom  in the recent weeks again after his arrival from abroad.

The big question is: Is MQM’s voter paying attention to his venomous outbursts?

In fact, his outbursts have irritated MQM voters and made them close to MQM. Previous governments have tried this kind of smearing campaign against but it only backfired.

People Karachi will never pay attention to anyone unless their genuine grievances are solved. Our Sindhi’s brothers should know that Mohajirs no longer a helpless group. God has blessed them with wealth and resources.  If they try to use shocking tactics to subjugate them, it will ensue a chain of violence in the province.

In my opinion, they should sit together with the MQM leaders and try to work out a new social contract for the people of Sindh. I know our Sindhi brothers who live in rural areas have a lot of problems. Their own leaders are responsible for their plight too. They never paid attention to develop their contingencies. Instead, they pocket the developments funds approved their areas and gave jobs to their relatives.

We should ensure in the new social contract that our neglected areas receive due attention from the authorities.

Looking for a cellular booster antenna?


I live in Pakistan. I use the cellphone service of Telenor Pakistan. Recently, I stopped using their service in anger when they failed to install a cellular booster antenna in my home.

I wrote an email to their support  and told me about my complaint. They visited my place and installed an antenna to increase the strength of my cellphone signal. Now I can talk and use my cellphone internet effectively.

Persol sunglasses are known worldwide for its handcrafted quality and technical innovation


pesolPersol sunglasses are very popular in America and Italy. Most people in Pakistan do not know about this. This popular sunglass has been introduced by immigrants. They gifted  them to their relatives when they arrived in Pakistan on holidays.

I got a pair of Persol sunglass when my brother-in-law who lives in Brooklyn arrived in Pakistan to attend the marriage ceremony of his younger brother.

This company which makes Persol sunglasses introduced its first sunglass in 1930. It uses polarized crystal lenses in their products, which offers 100% UV protection.

People of Karachi angry over MQM’s decision


MQM-PPPZardari has one again proved that he is the smartest politician in Pakistan. He succeeded in bringing his two estranged coalition partners in his fold. I do not know what caused them to express their support to him.

I do not know how voters will view the new developments. Karachiites have expressed dismay over this MQM’s decision. Educated MQM supporters are expressing their anger over their decision to rejoin the coalition. As you all know that recent wave of violence took the lives of hundreds of Karachi residents. Some of them were brutally murdered. Barbaric killers  cut their bodies  into pieces  and dumped them in different parts of the city. People blame that PPP leaders are responsible for their deaths. Evidence suggests that most of these killings were done by a group affiliated with the PPP. Former Interior minister provided support to this group.

People have refused to accept MQM’s claim that they have joined the coalition in the national interest. They say that killers should be nabbed first and prosecuted in the courts.

In my opinion, their decision has angered a large section of their voters. They will face tough time in the coming elections can lose seats in areas like Orangi and Korangi.

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