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Pushtoon cannot send their kids to schools


Pushtoon school going kids are suffering because of the follies of their ELDERS. They cannot go to schools now because all the schools are in Mohajir dominated areas. I would like to tell my blog readers that most of the schools are Qasba Colony, and Katri Phari are in  Urdu speaking localities.  The few schools, which are in Pushtoon areas, have Urdu speaking teachers. These teachers are now not willing to teach in the schools.

Parents of these kids  fear that their kids will be harmed if they send them to schools. It is said that Puhstoon kids who tried to enter schools in Orangi Town No. 1 were told to go back home.

This situation has effected 30,000 children studying in pre-primary, primary, secondary and lower-secondary schools.

Their leaders should understand their megalomaniac attitude will affect them badly in the coming days.

Looking for new york swing sets?


AmanaChildren love swings. I remember. I used to rush to my school play ground to capture a swing during my break.

God blessed me a son in 1988. When he grew up, I bought a swing set for him.  As you all know that my elder brother-in-law lives in New. Recently, he a bought a swing set for his niece. His niece lives in Kitchener.  He told me there are many online retailers who sell new york swing sets at reasonable prices. Online stores offer discount to customers because their operating cost is low.

Is Karachi Police carrying out the killings?



This incident has frightened  people. What were policemen doing in plain clothes in a private bus?
It means a section of policemen are being used by the government as killers to disturb the peace of Karachi. Statements from the bereaved families tell us that killers were moving around boldly.

six people dies on Friday


Today is Friday. Violence in Karachi has claimed six more lives. Despite all government’s claims that they will deal the killers with Iron hand. In a recent wave of violence seventeen people have died. Killers dumped their bodies in bags.

Once again the stupid interior minister has landed in the city and giving senseless statements. He claimed that situation will improve in a couple of days.

The government in power should know that their situation will compel Karachites to buy arms for their security. This situation will starts a unstopped ethnic war between the communities in Karachi. 

Looking for camera goggles?


camera-GoogleCamera goggles are widely used by skiers to capture their skiing adventures. Many companies have introduced camera goggles that can be used to capture videos underwater. There are many companies that make camera goggles. Liquid Image is a company that makes a wide range of camera goggles for skiers and swimmers.  I recently read  reviews on 3.1MP camera goggles. I found that LIQUID IMAGE EXPLORER SERIES offers better features than its competitors.

Users of this camera say it is ideal for capturing snorkeling, diving and swimming memories because its 3.1MP digital camera capture 640×480 video and 2048×1536 still images.  A user can capture 27 high resolution picture.

Pir Pagara’s statement smacks of ethnic hatred


pir-pagaroPir Pagara has predicted that the issue of the restoration of the local government system in Sindh could cause a bloodbath in Sindh. He  said the Mahajir could face a genocide and destruction if they support the local government system in Sind.

He said these unwise words while talking to a delegation of the Awami National Party (ANP). Pir Sahib did not explain why he is supporting the commissionerate system in Sindh. His statements smacks of ethnic hatred. It is clear that this seasoned politician has given this statement to support the nationalist parties. It is now clear that PPP is pulling the strings of Sindh based parties to coerce MQM to accept the commissionerate system in Sindh.

Sindhis and other ethnic groups should accept that Mohajirs are a reality. Their persecution will make  Sindh’s situation worse. Mohajirs have also learned to use guns. They will give them a befitting reply if nationalist parties started a program of Mohajirs in the interior of Sindh.

Buy french maid costumes


In western societies, people wear costumes when they participate in parties held during holidays and festivals. One sees people wearing different types of costumes in Halloween. People come in the parties wearing the costumes of their favorite characters and vampires.

People can buy good quality costumes and accessories from They will find angel. army, firefighter, dancer and French maid costumes in its inventory. offers eye catching Trade Show Displays


pop-up-floorAttracting trade show displays get visitors on the booth. That’s why companies which participate in trade shows pay great attention in their design.

As most of us know that I used to work in U.S. Publishers, which holds many big IT and defense trade shows in Pakistan. is a Minnesota based company. It has been making trade shows for many years. Siegel Display Products include different types oftrade show displays. I had seen Siegel pop up booth in the defense exhibition held in Karachi. The booth was set up by an American a manufacturer .

Karachi’s Business community forced Mr. Zardari to make a deal with MQM


The sane people of Sindh are happy over the path-up between the MQM and PPP. However, some journalists and analysts are trying to give the impression that PPP members and activists are not happy over this new  development.

MQM has been making demand for the revival of local government system for many years. Many lives have been lost because of the tussle between MQM and PPP over the revival of the system.  PPP also tried its best to coerce MQM into submission. The big question is: Who is behind this deal?

I think powerful business community in the Karachi and Hyderabad forced the government to bring back Governor Ebad and force Mr. Zardari to accept the genuine demands of MQM. Karachi and Hyderabad’s businessmen are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy.  We have seen that MQM Nazims had done a wonderful in building in fractures and roads in the Korangi Industrial Estate.

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