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Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the generals should support the people for bringing a revolution in the country. He was addressing a huge gathering of workers and office-bearers of MQM Labour Division at Lal Qila ground Azizabad on the occasion of the 24th foundation day of the Labour Division. He said that he was ridiculed by all whenever he spoke about a revolution in the country and now everybody and every party in the country was chanting slogans of a revolution.

“It has been more than 63 years since Pakistan came into being. If we compare Pakistan with other countries that gained independence in the same period we will come to know that those countries have made significant progress in economy and made considerable technological advancement as well. While the economic condition in Pakistan has changed from bad to worse.”

“It is being said that the prices of petroleum products will be raised once again. You must have heard that the government is printing currency notes worth two billion rupees every day and borrowing huge loans from the State Bank of Pakistan on daily basis. If countries could be run by printing currency notes alone, then there would have been no poor nation in the world.”

“There are some principles of the economy that must be adhered to while printing currency notes. The more currency notes you print, the higher the inflation, unemployment and economic degradation.”

“A report has been published in US Newspaper Boston Globe that Pakistan is next in line for public uprising. The newspaper says that the United States has always been preoccupied with the power elite of Pakistan with utter disregard to the plight of the common people. The US continued to lend support to the power elite in the country and felt comfortable in working with the dictators ignoring the realities in Pakistan.”

“I want to tell the patriotic general that the people of Pakistan need your help. They always say as to what I mean by the term patriotic generals. If all the generals are patriotic then why do we hear about bringing some generals to trial? A patriotic general will be he, who would support the people of Pakistan and come to their help. I refuse to call those generals who tore the country apart and plundered its wealth as patriotic generals.”

“Cannot the patriotic generals come forward to save the country and rescue it from the grip of looters and plunderers? They have ruled the country for a number of years so cannot they for once come forward for the people of Pakistan?”

“They will say that I am pressing for a martial law but it is the martial law that I suggest. I seek help for downtrodden people of the country. If the army in Pakistan stands by the people of the country instead of continuing to support the rulers just as happened in the Arab countries where the armies chose to help the people instead of the rulers then Pakistan will be saved.”

“I want to tell the generals the corps commanders that people are forced to commit suicide and looking up to the army for help. This is not the time to remain silent. Only the people of the country with the help of the army can save the country.”

“What is needed is a ruthless accountability. It is the time to take steps with courage and determination. The army should join hands with the people of the country and recover all the ill-gotten wealth. The game of musical chairs that has been continuing in the corridors of power must end now



Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr Altaf Hussain has said that merely singing the praises of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) without actually following his teachings in letter and spirit will not be rewarding and beneficial for us. “The devotion and respect of the Holy Prophet requires that we not only speak about the exemplary life lead by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but also act upon his teachings.” He was addressing a large gathering of people in Lal Qila Ground Azizabad for paying homage to Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

“Pakistan is in the grip of economic degradation. Unemployment, price-hike and corruption are at their heights and poor people are forced to commit suicide. We should resolve today that we will not steal and breach the trust reposed in us and become true Muslims.”

“If a Muslim believes in Allah only and does not believe in His beloved Prophet then his belief will not be accepted. Faith in Allah will not be made whole unless we believe that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the Prophet of Allah along with our assertion that there is no god but Allah.”

“We should analyse our actions and character on the touchstone of the teachings of the Holy Prophet to know if we are merely holding ceremonies for remembering him or we are actually trying to act on his teachings. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) always set examples for other to follow before preaching anything.”

“There is an authentic hadith which says that your faith cannot be completed unless you choose for your brother what you choose for yourself. This entails that that if we select good clothes and food for ourselves we should do the same for others as well.”

“In another hadith the Holy Prophet (PBUH) enjoins upon us that whoever loves me will have to take the oath of allegiance that he will not steal, will not commit adultery, will not kill his children for fear of want, will not utter calumny and will not disobey in good works. Whoever fulfils this shall find his reward with Allah. We should make an analysis of ourselves in the light of these clear injunctions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

“The Holy Prophet has given three clear signs of the hypocrites. Whenever he speaks he tells a lie, whenever he makes a promise he breaks it, and whenever something his given to him as a trust he breaches that trust. Power and national wealth are trust of the people. Do we not break this trust?”

“A large number of people took huge loans from national exchequer and got those loans written off, a number of people accept bribes and earn huge amount in kickbacks and commissions. Is it not a breach of trust?”

“If we make a collective analysis or our actions and character then we will come to know that most of us are living a life of deceit and hypocrisy. We should make a firm resolve today that we will not steal, we will not utter calumny and will not breach the trust reposed in us so that we may take real pride in being the true followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

“May Allah forgive us and lead us to the straight path and give the reins of the country in the hands of people of incorruptible character. We pray Allah to protect Pakistan and exterminate thieves and plunderers from the country.”

“The religious scholars must expound the virtues of the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to the younger generation in simple language as to what he did and in what manner he spent his life.”

In the end he appreciated the Co-ordination Committee, parliamentarians and workers for taking part in organizing the programme with spiritual zeal. He also praised police, rangers and other law-enforcing agencies for providing effective security measure for the programme. He also thanked media for its coverage.

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