Who has ordered Landhi Police to stop Afaq Ahmed from conducting his campaign?


The Sindh High Court has ordered the Sindh police not stop Afaq Ahmed from going to his electoral areas.

Chairman of MQM-H has lodged a complaint with the court that he is not being allowed to access his constituencies. I would like to tell my readers that he is contesting for two national assembly seats.

It has not transpired who has ordered the Landhi SP, DSP and SHO to  do so.

Let the people decide.

The Haqqi Group participated in Elections in 1993. They fielded 22 candidates for Sindh Assemblies and 10 candidates to national assembly.

They got 1885 votes in provincial assembly and 14695 in elections to National Assembly.  MQM should not get alarmed over Afaq’s presence in the area.

Murders of MQM-H leaders can start a new wave of violence


Three senior members of Muhajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi in Karachi. This is a very bad for Karachi’s residents. No one knows who carried out this heinous act, but the blame will be put on MQM.  These killings could start a new wave of violence in the city as party chairman Mr. Afaq has vowed to take vengeance. I have not forgotton how we suffered because of the violence between rival political groups.

Karachi has become a hell. Political parties should give space to one another. Let the people decide who they choose as their leaders.

Government using targeted killings to hide incompetence: Afaq Ahmed


I agree with Mr. Afaq’s statement that targeted killings have distracted public minds from the real issues. Public has forgotten in fear. What are their problems?  Anyone fool can see that Karachi has descended into anarchy because of the negligence of the government and its coalition partners.

He said :

They are sitting and enjoying the [situation] because it means that no one will rise up against inflation and unemployment. If people are freed from the shackles of fear, then you would have many Tahrir Squares in Karachi.

More than 5000 people have died in Karachi because of violence.  This year more than 1000 has lost their lives. People of Karachi have stopped thinking about bad economic times. They pay more attention to protecting themselves from the criminals who killing people daily. Afaq right said that people would not rise up against inflation and unemployment.

MQM(H): Afaq Ahmed supports a southern Sindh province


afaq-ahmedAfaq Ahmed, chairman of Mohajir Qaumi Movement  made an interesting statement that would give nightmares to his good friend Dr. Mirza.

He said that he never supported the idea of a Mohajir Province. However, he called for   a southern Sindh province comprising urban areas of the Sindh.

Mr. Mirza had said that no one could divide Sindh. Let us see how he reacts to the statement of his friend.

I personally fully agree with his idea. Time has come for the division of the Sindh. Sindhi should not raise hue and cry.

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