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Rulers and political leaders are silent over the barbarism of the terrorists.


“Pakistan is the country of different sects and religions. Pakistani Muslims do not want to make laws which should clash with the teachings of Islam and Sunnah. Terrorist elements who are blowing up mosques, shrines, imam bargahs and places of worships of non-Muslims are doing thing contrary to the teachings of Islam, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“Islam means peace and security. People who are slaughtering our personnel of the armed forces and desecrating their corpses are doing un-Islamic actions. Few days ago terrorists gunned down foreign educated young lawyer. She was the only daughter of her parents. Terrorists attacked Malala Yusufzai and beat with lashed innocent girls. Just imagine for a moment, these things had happened to your daughters, “ Mr. Husssain said.

The participants of the conference replied to Mr. Hussain that it chilled their bones to imagine this could happened to their daughters.

“Rulers and political leaders are silent over the barbarism of the terrorists. They have accused me of thousand crimes. I have been trying to serve my country according to my capacity, “ Mr. Hussain said.

MQM loses hope of gaining strength in Punjab


MQM has failed to win seats in Punjab. The party has been trying to established in Punjab. I have warned them that Punjabi votes to their clans and biradari.  They will never be able to enter into Punjab because PMLN and other parties have malign the minds of people with their smearing campaign against him. Most Punjabis think that MQM is a fascist party.  Punjab’s educated middle class thinks MQM is responsible for law and order situation in Karachi. They openly said that MQM would spread mania of extortionists across the province. I think it was a bias approach. Most of these educated men have never visited Karachi and believed on the stories passed on to them by their friends and family members.

Traditional politicians of Punjab has portrayed MQM has a militant group. MQM’s leaders are too responsible for their image in Punjab. What happened in Karachi on May 12, 2007 established their militant characteristic.

MQM is a party of middle class and poor people. Punjabi should have observed this. They vote for landowners and weep.

MQM should not field Ayesha Ahad against Hamza Shahbaz


Muzaffar Ali has revealed in his article in the Pakistan Observer that MQM will give a ticket to Ayesha Ahad, a woman who claims she is the wife of Hamza Shahbaz Shareef’ wife. He wrote:

In Lahore, the coordination committee of MQM has strongly recommended Ayesha Ahad from NA-119 Lahore against PML-N’s Hamza Shahbaz Sharif. Being a supposed wife of Hamza Shahbaz, a son of PML-N former Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz, she could cause perpetual irritation for Hamza Shahbaz. Some political experts believe that NA-119 would become an interesting battle field if the MQM awards party ticket to Ayesha Ahad as the political force operating from Nine-Zero has the mastery over launching propaganda drives, especially when they have some evidence against their opponent.

MQM should not do such kind of things. PMLN is one of the biggest parties of Pakistan and enjoys great public support.   No one knows who will form the government in the center. Analysts say that PMLN can for the government.

They have a right to field a field candidate against Hamza, but that person should not be Ayesha Ahad.

This kind of politics will irk people and hurt them.

Top military commanders have proposed a stupid plan for Karachi


Top military commanders have proposed a stupid plan for Karachi. They have asked political outfits to agree on a plan to carry out a de-weaponisation of the city.

We know this plan will not work. They have tried similar plans in the past.  Their actions only deprived law abiding citizens of their legal weapons.

The officials adopt a bias approach to carry out their plans.  Under the garb of this de-weaponisation, only Muhajir dominated areas are targeted.

In the 90s, armed licenses issued on the quotas of urdu speaking law makers were cancelled. While arms licenses issued by Irfan Ullah Marwat were not touched.

Can this big Khaki walas provide protection to citizens if they deposit their arms?

ANP supports nationalist parties’s strike


Awami National Party supports the stance of nationalists parties. The party announced their strike call.

These people are doing this to grab voters. If we look at the SPLGA 2012, you will see that is a watered down version of old law with minor changes.

ANP is supporting nationalists to pressure PPP in order to get some advantage. Nationalists and Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) thinks they will be able to grab seats after Benazir’s death.

The party has a right to attract voters, but they should not adopt deceptive ways too do that.

MQM enters south Punjab with a bang


multan-mqmMQM has succeeded in organizing a big event in December 23 in Multan. Images of the meeting will give anxiety to traditional politicians of the area. The big question is: Will these people able to come out in large numbers on election days?

Mr. Altaf  announced his support for the Saraiki province. He has asked his legislators to table motions in the National Assembly.

It is too early to predict that MQM will be able to break the influence of bridari and caste in Multan. There is no doubt a sizable urdu speaking population lives in Multan. Will they vote for MQM? This may anger their old Punjabi friends.

MQM in Punjab: They will have to work hard to build their image in the Punjab

0 commented that MQM will have to clear its image if it wanted to establish its presence in the Punjab. The paper said:

The leadership of MQM must keep in mind that this is just about the beginning and there is a long way to go before traditional style of politics could be changed in Punjab. True that the mainstream political parties including the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Pakistan People’s Party could not provide good governance both at the federal and provincial levels

But does that mean that the stage is set for MQM to come and take over the entire theatre. First of all MQM will have to wash its image of being a terrorist organisation that believes in ethnicity and that its activists have been accused of being ‘Bhatta Mafia’ gangs. MQM would have to clear the mess of Jinnah Pur Plan, an attempt being viewed among average Punjabis as a move to dismember Pakistan.

I agree with the paper. I know that traditional parties like Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Pakistan People’s Party have indoctrinated in the minds of ordinary people in the Punjab that the MQM is a party of criminals.

The party will have to work very hard to clear the bad picture from the minds of ordinary Punjabis. I know MQM is a party, which consists of educated people. They might have devised a plan to clear this image.

The presence of a cotorie of the Punjabi speakers in the convention indicates that MQM is gradually making inroads in the Punjab. However, MQM will face tough opposition from the ruling party in the Punjab. I have seen sane person like Saad Rafiq hurling accusations at MQM.

The paper was right in saying that MQM should be allow to carry its activity freely in the Punjab. The paper said :

it is MQM’s right to carry out political activities as any other party and no one should try to deprive it of such an opportunity.



The Founder and Leader of the Muttahida Quami Movement Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the MQM wants to see Pakistan an independent and sovereign country. He said that we want to make Pakistan a prosperous corruption free society. He said that referendums should be held according to the wishes of the people for the establishment of the Seraiki and Bahawalpur provinces. He said that the MQM will stop taking loans from the World Bank and the IMF and it will abolish the double standards in the education system. He offered unconditional support ending the deprivations of the people of Baluchistan and for keeping them within Pakistan.

He was addressing a huge gathering of the people of the Punjab at the Football Stadium adjacent to the Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore. The participants of the public meeting “Stabilizing Pakistan” belonged to Lahore and all the districts of the Punjab in hundreds of thousands of numbers. A large number of women also attended the meeting. The ground was completely filled and the surrounding roads were also packed. The participants exuded unseen energy and enthusiasm. They displayed remarkable discipline at the call of Mr Altaf Hussain.

Addressing the public meeting Mr Altaf Hussain said that he wanted to show to the world powers that the Pakistanis are an honourable nation. He said that he wanted to make Pakistan disciplined to such a degree that no one could dare to carry out drone strikes or look upon Pakistan with an evil eye.

He said that the public meeting in Lahore is not an ordinary meeting. It is the beginning of a revolution to transform the fate of the country in a positive way. He asserted that no power in the world can now stops the coming of the revolution in the country. He said that the youths are a power and when the youths get united on a platform revolutions come. Young students are the vanguard of revolutions.

He said that he is not a leader but an ordinary person like you. You would have listened to big leaders but I am from amongst you. I obtained my education sitting on the floors of government schools and went to school, college and university by bus. He said that he knew the problems of the poor people because he had himself encountered problems in my life as he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

He said that he talked about the poor people and it was only because of this that allegation were made that the MQM was enemy of the country and of various nationalities living here. He said that he is not an enemy of anyone except the feudal lords and the oppressors who have looted and plundered the country.

He said that the policies of the country are dictated by foreign powers despite the fact that Pakistan is an independent country. Whenever someone wishes drone strikes are made in the country in which hundreds of people lose life. What sort of independence is this? No country should be allowed to cross our border without our permission. We will not allow any power to challenge our autonomy as we have resolved that we will not tolerate this life of dishonour anymore.

He said that we are always looking up to the World Bank, IMF and other donor agencies for their assistance. He said that the MQM wants to free Pakistan from foreign aid and loans. He said that Pakistani nation has the potential to make the country so strong economically that Pakistan may start helping other countries instead of seeking financial help ourselves.

He promised that if the MQM is brought in power then the MQM will translate its words in actions. If the MQM is not allowed to implement its policies and program by the powers that be then we will come out of power without any delay.

He said that the MQM wants to bring a peaceful revolution in the country through the ballot and added that if the MQM comes to power then it will introduce amendments in the constitution for the benefit of the people of Pakistan.

He said that that education up to the matric level will be made free in order to increase the literacy rate and students will be given free of cost education facilities up to matriculation level. MQM will introduce changes in the constitution that will make it compulsory upon parents to send their children to the schools. He said that there will be same standard of education for the rich and poor a like.

He said that the MQM will make the country democratic in the true spirit of the word and feudalism and unchecked capitalism will come to an end.

He declared that the MQM will work for removing unemployment and the unemployed people will be given financial assistance so that they may meet their necessary expenses.

He said that the MQM will formulate an independent foreign policy that will reflect autonomy of the country. He declared that the drone strike and foreign intervention and dictation will end. He said that instead of seeking loans and assistance from the IMF and the World Bank, MQM will make such economic policies that will result in growth of cottage industries throughout the country. He said that common people will be given small loans for their economic uplift by providing opportunities for setting up factories and small businesses.

He said that the MQM will work for reducing the unemployment rate and the unemployed people will be given allowances to sustain themselves during the period of unemployment. He said that the salaries of the government servants will also be increased.

He said that the MQM government will ensure that the money accumulated in foreign accounts through unfair means is brought back to the country and the properties made through ill-gotten wealth by looting national wealth will be confiscated and utilized for public benefit.

He said that the country will be made a truly democratic and Islamic republic according to the teachings of the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal where the non-Muslims will have equal rights as the Muslim citizens.

He said that the MQM will work to end all the discriminatory laws against the women that make up nearly 51 per cent of the population of the country after coming in the power. He said that karo-kari, honour-killings and wani and the marriage with Quran will be brought to an end.

He said that the MQM will allocate sufficient budgets for the health sector and maternity homes and dispensaries will be constructed. Big hospitals will be constructed in villages in order to provide healthcare facilities to the poor people.

He said that the MQM has sent able and educated people from the middle class to the assemblies and there is no feudal lord in the MQM. He said that the MQM will send the able and educated people from the Punjab to the assemblies as well.

Referring to the process of accountability he said that the MQM will make an independent institution for across the board accountability and the institution will consist of honourable people of impeccable character. He said that the courts and judiciary will be made independent and autonomous.

Referring to the demand of Seraiki and Bahawalpur provinces he said that the issue should be resolved by referendum according to the wishes and aspirations of the people.

Referring to the Kashmir dispute he said that the Kashmir dispute will be solved according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir.

He said that if the MQM is brought to the government then a limit will be placed on the maximum landholdings and the additional land will be distributed among the poor farmers. He said that the MQM will formulate laws so that the poor people peasants are not oppressed.

Referring to the Baluchistan issue he asked the people of the Punjab to press the provincial and federal government for solving the issue through dialogues. He said that the Baluchistan should be saved from seceding by embracing the Baluchi people. He offered unconditional support for the solution of the Baluchistan problem.

Speaking about the load-shedding of electricity and natural gas he said that the MQM will make a balanced distribution system and work for finishing the load-shedding of electricity and gas.

ng to the ban on the transmission of some TV channels he said that the government should immediately lift the ban on the transmission of the TV channels. He also said that the MQM will announce the wage board without any delay after coming in the power.

In the end he praised the MQM members of the Co-ordination Committee, parliamentarians, office-bearers of various wings and workers who worked day and night for successful holding of the public meeting in Lahore.



The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) has appealed to the people of the Punjab to support the cause of truth by participating in the public meeting held by the MQM on the 10th April. He said that the people of the Punjab should demonstrate through their unity that they want to break the status quo and bring to an end the decaying feudal system and rampant corruption.

In a video message to the people of the Punjab he deplored the dynastic political culture in the country that empowers a few families only while the common people always remain outside watching the game of power. He declared that Pakistan belongs to the 180 million people of the country instead of a coterie of a few families. He said that the people of the Punjab should make it clear by participating in the public meeting at Qaddafi Stadium that they do not end dynastic politics, corruption, loot, unemployment and that they want peace and tranquility.

He appealed to the people of the Punjab to support him not for the MQM but for Pakistan. He expressed his desire to save the country by establishing a just and equitable system in which all people will enjoy equal rights. He said that he wants to lay the foundation of a system in which there is no poverty, unemployment and the law does not discriminate between the rich and the poor.

He particularly addressed the younger generation and said that the youths had been the vanguard of every revolution in the world so the youths of the Punjab particularly the students should strengthen hands of the MQM in its struggle for bringing prosperity and stability in the country.

Addressing the women he said that no revolutionary struggle can succeed without the participation of women and exhorted the women and girl students of the Punjab to come forward and join the MQM in its struggle.



The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the people of the Punjab particularly the younger generation and the students will have to come forward if Pakistan is to be cleansed of corruption, loot and plunder. “Awakening of the Punjab will be the awakening of Pakistan and the day the people of the Punjab rise, Pakistan will start moving ahead in the right direction.”

Mr Altaf Hussain said this while talking to a gathering of members of the Co-ordination Committee, Zonal Committee of MQM Lahore Zone, Provincial Committee, MQM parliamentarians, youngsters, elders and women at the Punjab House, the Central Office of the party in Lahore.

He praised the MQM workers, office-bearers, parliamentarians, students, women, elders and youngsters who have been working continuously for the public meeting being held on the 10th April. He also congratulated all the workers in advance over the success of the upcoming public meeting.

He said that the younger generation plays a key role in the development and progress of any country and the students of Punjab studying in schools, colleges and universities will have to join in the struggle for making the country free from the taints of corruption and establishing a just and equitable system in the country. He hoped that the youths of the Punjab will work for making the public meeting on the 10th April the largest in the history of the province.

He said that the role of women in the progress and prosperity of any country is of utmost importance. He praised the efforts being made by the women and girl students in the struggle of the MQM in the Punjab.

He deplored the comments made by an analyst in which he equated the collection of donations for the public meeting to extortion. He asked if there was no political organization in the country that does not collect voluntary donations from the public. He asked if the political parties in the United Kingdom not collect donations at the time of election. He further asked if the presidential candidate in the United States not collect donations for election fund in public meetings and gatherings. He asked if the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) not collect resources from the people in the event of any necessity.

He declared that no revolutionary movement in the world has succeeded without contributions from the public. He warned that it was the chauvinist analyst that spread venomous propaganda in the past and caused the secession of East Pakistan as Bangladesh and now the same prejudiced and myopic elements want to tear apart the remaining Pakistan.

He said that such vitriolic propaganda was made against the MQM in order to create a feeling of strong aversion against the MQM particularly in the Punjab but now the people of the Punjab have witnessed for themselves the struggle being made by the MQM and have understood that the allegations against the MQM are baseless.

He asked the MQM workers not to lose heart in the face of sharp criticism and their poisonous discussions. He said that we may belong to different religions, we may follow different schools of thought but we are linked together by the thread of Pakistan and our thoughts are nothing but Pakistani.

He said that we want to bring in a just and equitable system in the country in which all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law. He said that if there were an MQM government then it will work to end the division between the rich and poor and the menace of corruption, loot, plunder, crimes and flagrant injustices.

He said that the MQM government will ensure legal action against those who forced bonded labour of the bhatta mazdoors (kiln labourers) and women will be protected against inhuman treatment.

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