Unfortunately, we started creating proxies to fight our enemies: Altaf Hussain


Unfortunately, we started creating proxies to fight our enemies. We never thought for a moment that these proxies could turn against us like Frankenstein, which turned against its creator. That’s why armies are created for defending countries. A goal of the army should be to defend a country from internal and external challenges. A country supports army personnel after their retirement.

If we create an outfit consisting of 100 people. If you tell them after 5 years or a decade their services are no longer required. They might not be in a position to do any work because of their age. They are not common people. They adopt a different life style because of their environment. They know only how to fight. They might create their own mercenary armies with the help of their comrade-in-arms. It is very difficult for these people to lead a normal life.

It is strange that we have been follow interventionist policies despite the fact that we have failed to manage our own affairs. We see no policies and measures to deal with terrorist outfits who are carrying out subversive activities. Sometimes we talk about operation against them. Sometimes we talk about negotiations with them.

We forget to think about the outfits we create for our proxy war. How would we deal with them if we achieve our goals? What would be the policy to deal with them? How would we deal with them if they turn against us?

Taliban terrorists are threatening media owners


“Sensible citizens can get an idea from the reports and columns published in the international media that Taliban terrorists are threatening owners, editors, reporters, anchor persons and staff members with serious consequences if they publish reports against them and criticize their actions. Their threats and intimidation has silenced media owners and editors and not willing to write about terrorist acts of Taliban, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“MQM has been subjected to state repression for their struggle against injustices. Thousands of MQM workers have been killed extra judicially. Repression could not frightened MQM workers from struggle against repression and injustice in the country, “ Mr. Hussain said.

Karachi has become a police state: Altaf Hussain


A senior MQM sympathizer has died of police torture. According to reports, a police team stopped his vehicle and demanded Rs. 10,000/-. Miraj Din could give this amount because he had only Rs. 2,000 in his pocket. This enraged police team slapped and kicked, which resulted in the sad demise of the old man. Mr. Hussainn has condemned the police brutality and expressed his deep grief and sorrow over the tragic death of Miraj Din.

Mr. Hussain deplored that Karachi had become a police state.

Altaf Hussain appeals to army chief and head of ISI to take notice of the extrajudicial executions of MQM’s workers


Altaf Hussain has made an appeal to army chief and head of ISI to take notice of the extrajudicial executions of MQM’s workers and people belonging to the Muhajir Community.

Mr. Huusain says he has made this appeal to them because he think once against army is being used against MQM. He added that it was their responsibility to investigate into this.  He warned that state’s repression might compel come Muhajir youth to take up arms.

Anyone can see that police and rangers have started an organized persecution of the Muhajir community. No one objects over the arrest and prosecution of criminals elements. However, police and rangers actions indicate they have come to subjugate us with their brutal actions.

The Karachi Police chief constitutes a probing team to find facts regarding MQM’s allegations.


The Karachi Police have taken notice of the allegations leveled  MQM and constituted a probing team to investigate into the killings. He has promised if police officials are involved in the murder they would be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

I think it is a good development. It will help improve the relations between MQM and police.  The situation of the Karachi is going from bad to worse. The situation dictates that government must address the concerns of the urban leaders and its people. Otherwise, it will create a permanent division between the two communities.

MQM announces a day of mourning to highlight the atrocities committed by rangers and police.


MQM has announced a day of mourning on Saturday. Their have announced this to highlight the atrocities committed by law enforcement and police. The party alleges that law enforcement agencies have killed 10 workers. They call the murder extra-judicial killings. I agree with them. They also say that 45 MQM workers have been detained by rangers/police.

The government must address their concerns and grievances and release the workers if they are not involved in any wrong doings. Extra-judicial killings will make the situation worse.

MQM’s leader Haider Abbas said that the list of missing persons are growing and termed the situation worrying. I agree with him.

Committed and dedicated workers’ love is my most valuable asset: Altaf Hussain


‘Committed and dedicated workers’s love is my most valuable asset, “ Altaf Hussain praised his workers after their display of massive support of solidarity with him.

Mr. Altaf Hussain thanked MQM workers who held peaceful gatherings across the globe, including Pakistan. MQM’s office bearers, workers and supporters come out in large numbers to show their solidary with their leader.He added that he was overwhelmed with the way his supporters have expressed their concern and displayed their selfless devotion.

An MQM delegation presents a protest memorandum to the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi


An MQM delegation comprising Rabita Committee members and parliamentarians presented a protest memorandum to the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi for Prime Minister David Cameron.

They said in the memorandum that BBC had presented a program with malevolent intention. They added the documentary has hurt the feeling of millions of supporters of MQM.

MQM’s delegation said that the party believed in the freedom of press, but considered media trial yellow journalism. They added that had the democratic and legal rights to fight against such things.

A malevolent media trail is going on to hurt MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain internationally: Dr. Khalid Maqbool


“ A malevolent  media trail is going on to hurt MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain internationally. The documentary telecasted by BBC is an act of malevolence. Many questions have raised in the documentary. However, they have not telecasted the answers and explanation given by Barrister Faroog Naseem. BBC anchorperson had itself appreciated his lucid response, “ MQM’s Deputy Convener Khalid Maqbool deplored.

“Pakistan is passing through a difficult times. The situation demands that MQM work for the security, integrity  and strengthen democracy in the country. People people are trying to create hurdles in MQM’s work and stop it from playing a constructive role in the development. This is the second documentary of BBC on MQM. This documentary has hurt the feelings of MQM’s millions of supporters in Pakistan. His is supporters will soon show their allegiance and solidary with him, “ Khalid Maqbool said.

MQM Coordination Committee condemns the bomb attack on a Rangers’ picket


MQM Coordination Committee has condemned the bomb attack on a Rangers’ picket near Board Office in North Nazimabad. A ranger’s personnel died in the attack and six personnel were badly injured.

The Rabita Committee members said that these people did not deserve to be called Muslims and these beast were not human beings.

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