Target killers belong to MQM, ANP, Sunni Tehreek, People’s Party, Lyari gang war and banned outfits: Police Chief Karachi


Karachi police prepare list of 450 terrorists: Shahid Hayat –

Karachi police have prepared a list of 450 terrorists involved in unrest in the port city and it would be presented before the Sindh government today (Thursday), Geo News reported.  

 Shahid Hayat said ‘the list includes the names of those terrorists involved in 100 murders each’. The majority of these miscreants belong to political parties.  

The wanted target killers belong to MQM, ANP, Sunni Tehreek, People’s Party, Lyari gang war and banned outfits, the police chief said.

I have beem monitoring police actions since 90s. They allow to live the hardcore elements and nab low cadre criminals. Most of these arrested people are innocent and party workers. 

For example, Police have failed to produce any FIR againt Mr. Islam-ul Haque, sector in-charge of Surjani. Despite this the court has given to rangers custody for ninety days. 

End to wait: The journey back home


The story of kids brought tears to my eye. They have been suffering for a long time away from their homes in Edhi Trust. Every boy has a tragic story to tell. How he got separate from his family.

Sarfraz Memon shares with us stories of Arif. He lost connection with his family two years ago. He was playing and used a pickup as a hiding spot.

Form vigilance committees in the city and records videos of cars plying on Karachi’s roads without number plates


MQM has made an appeal for the formation of vigilance committees in neighborhood. They have also requested to  to record videos of cars plying on Karachi’s roads without number plates.

It appears that our rulers have learnt nothing from their past mistakes. MQM is being subjected to state terrorism to give their support to PPP government.

I urge PMLN government in the center to notice the situation in Karachi and take measures to control violence.

Three MQM activists gunned down on Tuesday. State Police silent


Three activists of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement have gunned in the city on Tuesday. Killers killed Rasheedullah alias Zabiullah, 35, near Machli Market in Korangi’s Sector 40-C.

One of their activists were gunned in Orangi Town. Another MQM activist was executed by killers in Shah Faisal Colony No. 5 on Tuesday night. His name was Yasir Arafat alias Bunty, 26.

Who are the killers? No one knows? Where are the police and rangers no one knows?

These killings tells us inefficiency of state apparatus. I fail to understand the causes of their failures? These people talk about Mr. Hussain and his party. They never talk about their own failures. I think they must be replaced with a new local forces.  These heartless people have not respect for us.

MQM is justified in raise hue and cry over the killings. However, I urge them file complaints in the respective police station. Press Conferences are not enough to divert national and international attention.

Why did we create Pakistan? I put put this question to petitioner.


Altaf should be removed from his position as the party head, says Advocate Fayyaz Ahmed Mehr. He has filed a petition in the Lahore High Court.

The petitioner thinks he has threatened the Election Commission, the establishment, the media, political workers and politicians.


Mr. Hussain is a popular leader. Everyone in Pakistan turns its guns towards him. The question is: the citizens who are criticising Mr. Hussain should first take a look at the actions of the state and national leaders in Karachi. Neither the state organizations should any interest to improve law and order situation in Karachi nor leaders belonging to big national parties has tried to address the burning issues facing by the Urdu-speaking.


The state must provide security to its citizens. We see that they have failed to do this in Karachi. The residents of Karachi were forced to look towards MQM and its activists for protection. Who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of young man in Karachi. We should be ashamed. People are dying in Karachi and and power hungry people from Punjab were trying to play politics.


Who will bring peace in Karachi?

Why did we create Pakistan?
I put put this question to petitioner.


Pakistan was created because Muslims of the India thought that Hindu majority would treat them badly. We sons of the Indian Immigrants who are called Mohajirs are facing the same problem. Majority groups have been killing us for decades and no one has uttered any word on treatment meted out us. We are human beings too.


Bhuttoism is dead among the people of Lyari because of poverty, deprivation, miseries..


Bhuttoism is dead among the people of Lyari because of poverty, deprivation, miseries, shortages of clean drinking water and electricity, joblessness and poor law and order situation.

The chief of Karachi City Alliance, Sardar Uzair Jan Baloch has said these word.

I am shocked to the the situation in Lyari. It was a stronghold of PPP. Now it appears that people of the area are extremely angry with the PPP. The Business Recorded reported:


Ahead of May 11 polls, Lyari’s streets and roads are eerily silent, as only right-wing political groups are taking out rallies and staging corners meetings to mobilise electoral support. Lyari in the past used to give a much different look ahead of elections, as Baloch youth would dance on the hypnotic beat of Leva, people used to proudly carry body paintings of PPP’s election symbol of ‘arrow’ and loud party music was much in vogue during the party’s polls drive.

We all have been watching what been happening in Lyari.  The people of Lyari are going through an ordeal since PPP government came to power.

Taliban pushes ANP closer to MQM


Bashir_ANPThe presence of ANP’s leader in the funeral of Manzar Imam astonished everyone present there. News papers and commenters say that Taliban’s brutality has compelled them to come closer because they are target ANP and MQM’s leaders.

ANP’s Sindh chapter General Secretary Bashir Jan expressed his view this way.

We [the ANP and the MQM] are political rivals, but we stand united against extremism and terrorism.

The terrorists are targeting the leaders of both the MQM and the ANP. Our political differences aside, we are with the MQM on this tragic day. We have to realise that we have a common enemy that we need to combat together.

There presence gives me a little hope. They can help bring the violence down in Karachi. News reports indicate that Taliban has completely taken over ANP dominated areas of Karachi.

PPP always protected the rights of Sindh. SPLG law not harmful for Sindh


Sindh Chief Minister Mr. Qaim Ali Shah said that PPP always protected the rights of Sindh. He lambasted nationalists parties for misleading the people of the SPLG law. He said:

.. the PPP always protected the rights of Sindh and never compromised on that issue. He regretted that nationalists and other political parties were misleading the people over the SPLG law with wrong logic and were hiding the facts.

..the SPLG law was not meant for division of Sindh and was not harmful for the people of Sindh.

I agree with Chief Minister. Nationalists and opposition parties are purposely misleading people.

Religious Parties’ Propaganda started against MQM



Look at this poster. The poster says ‘Altaf ka ye Islam ka. People can guess who are behind this. The poster says that Altaf wanted to impose his ideology on Pakistan and is against Islamic parties.

I don’t know why Mr. Hussain announced that referendum. I think he wanted to assess people’s views about the Taliban who have made people’s lives miserable with their actions.

I think Jamaat Islami did not like his idea and has launched a campaign to defame Mr. Hussain and his party.

Jamaat leaders should search their souls why did Karachi’s people dumped. There must be some valid reasons for doing so.

MQM demands tough action people who are patronizing criminals


Mr. Hussain, MQM’s Chief’ has made an appeal to the business community of Karachi to identify people responsibly for who are threatening them for money.

He also appealed to the country’s powerful established to officials who are supporting these criminals.

The problem is that when people belong to government in power supports people hesitate to initiate case against criminals because they do not receive any support from law enforcement. Those who dared to do so where gunned down by these criminals. Police failed to provide protection to them.

The way criminals are distributing SITE Industry areas and to business owners indicate political support. They openly come and demand money.

Lawlessness in Karachi has forced business owners to leave country.

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