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Music attracts children and love to learn playing guitars and keyboards. I have two daughter who regularly participates in musical and song competition. There are good books and training aids that help people learn music at homes. The gia publications training aids are recommended for children and young children. The company also publishes choral music, hymnals and sacred music recordings.

Unfortunately, we started creating proxies to fight our enemies: Altaf Hussain


Unfortunately, we started creating proxies to fight our enemies. We never thought for a moment that these proxies could turn against us like Frankenstein, which turned against its creator. That’s why armies are created for defending countries. A goal of the army should be to defend a country from internal and external challenges. A country supports army personnel after their retirement.

If we create an outfit consisting of 100 people. If you tell them after 5 years or a decade their services are no longer required. They might not be in a position to do any work because of their age. They are not common people. They adopt a different life style because of their environment. They know only how to fight. They might create their own mercenary armies with the help of their comrade-in-arms. It is very difficult for these people to lead a normal life.

It is strange that we have been follow interventionist policies despite the fact that we have failed to manage our own affairs. We see no policies and measures to deal with terrorist outfits who are carrying out subversive activities. Sometimes we talk about operation against them. Sometimes we talk about negotiations with them.

We forget to think about the outfits we create for our proxy war. How would we deal with them if we achieve our goals? What would be the policy to deal with them? How would we deal with them if they turn against us?

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Rulers and political leaders are silent over the barbarism of the terrorists.


“Pakistan is the country of different sects and religions. Pakistani Muslims do not want to make laws which should clash with the teachings of Islam and Sunnah. Terrorist elements who are blowing up mosques, shrines, imam bargahs and places of worships of non-Muslims are doing thing contrary to the teachings of Islam, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“Islam means peace and security. People who are slaughtering our personnel of the armed forces and desecrating their corpses are doing un-Islamic actions. Few days ago terrorists gunned down foreign educated young lawyer. She was the only daughter of her parents. Terrorists attacked Malala Yusufzai and beat with lashed innocent girls. Just imagine for a moment, these things had happened to your daughters, “ Mr. Husssain said.

The participants of the conference replied to Mr. Hussain that it chilled their bones to imagine this could happened to their daughters.

“Rulers and political leaders are silent over the barbarism of the terrorists. They have accused me of thousand crimes. I have been trying to serve my country according to my capacity, “ Mr. Hussain said.

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Polytune took the music world by storm when it was introduced in the market. The world’s first polyphonic tuner won the hearts of guitarists it helped them find the right pitch easily.  The new Polytune 2 comes with improved features and LED lights which can be visible in all situation. It features a strobe tuner which helps guitarists in their work. One can buy polytune 2 from musicians friend.

Taliban terrorists are threatening media owners


“Sensible citizens can get an idea from the reports and columns published in the international media that Taliban terrorists are threatening owners, editors, reporters, anchor persons and staff members with serious consequences if they publish reports against them and criticize their actions. Their threats and intimidation has silenced media owners and editors and not willing to write about terrorist acts of Taliban, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“MQM has been subjected to state repression for their struggle against injustices. Thousands of MQM workers have been killed extra judicially. Repression could not frightened MQM workers from struggle against repression and injustice in the country, “ Mr. Hussain said.

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The new behringer inuke nu1000 is an innovative peace of equipment. People have expressed good reviews about this lightweight power amplifier. Behringer has used a new technology. They call it high-density Class-D technology. There indicators on front panel which tell you about the distorted signal .

The device comes with combo XLR and 1/4″ TRS input connectors. These connectors enable iNuke to connect with compatible source easily.

The rulers must do something quickly to rid the scourge of terrorism from Pakistan: Altaf Hussain and Tahir Ashrafi


Politically expedient policies will hurt the country badly.

London: February 18, 2014

The Founder and Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain and head of the Pakistan Ulema Council have appealed to the rulers that they must do something quickly to rid the scourge of terrorism from Pakistan. They said that politically expedient policies will hurt the country badly.

They shared these views while talking on the telephone. They expressed condemnation of the gruesome murders of 23 FC personnel, Major Jehanzeb and policemen by Taliban. They added that people who believed on humanity would not tolerate their barbarism.

They two leaders agreed that Taliban attacks on the army, frontier constabulary and policemen demand that we must make concrete policy to deal the scourge of terrorism.

Mr. Hussain said that tothat MQM was trying its best to raise its voice over the barbarism of Taliban. He added that the situation demanded that people from all walks of life unite against these terrorists and said that true scholars should come forwards and play their role.

Mr. Ashrafi said that everyone knew about the efforts and struggle which had been carried out by Mr. Hussain for the elimination of terrorism. He added Mr Hussain had warned us about the growing influence of Taliban in Karachi, which was ignored by people. He said that everyone had accepted that Mr. Hussain was right. He assured the full support of Pakistan Ulema Council. He also condemned the extrajudicial killings of MQM workers and their enforced disappearances



MQM Rabita Committee condemns the rejection of proposed bill for the representation of disabled people in assemblies.


They have termed the action of the Law and Justice Committee deplorable and injustice.

Karachi: February 19, 2014


MQM’s Rabita Committee has expressed condemnation of the rejection of a proposed bill for the representation of ‘Special People’ in assemblies by National Assembly’s Standing Committee for ‘Law and Justice. The bill was tabled by MQM.

They have termed the action of the Law and Justice Committee deplorable and injustice.

In a statement Rabita Committee said, “There are disabled people who are highly educated and skillful. They should be sent to assemblies so they can raise voice for their rights. According to the reports of WHO and NGOs. 15% of our population are disabled people. Five per cent of these people suffer from mental disability. However, 10 per cent disabled people are mentally fit and alert. MQM had raised voice for the representation of disabled people on December 17, 2013.”

‘When MQM presented the bill on December 17, 2013, it was put aside and not discussed in the National Assembly. It again presented the bill for the representation of disabled people on February 4, 2014. The concerned minister forwarded the bill to the ‘Law and Justice Committee’ after discussion in the National Assembly with their comments. A meeting of the committee was convened on February 17. Haq Parast MNA Kishwar Zehra attended the meeting and tried to convince the committee with reasons and facts. However, they rejected the bill saying that their is no place for the disabled people in National Assembly in the constitution. MQM termed it a discriminatory decision, ” Rabita Committee said.

Rabita Committee has demand that the President and Prime Minister should take notice of the rejection of the bill and get this bill passed. This will enable representatives of disabled people to fight for their rights.

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